The great sci-fi hunt: help us find the best independently published books (link)

The great sci-fi hunt: help us find the best independently published books


Dispensing Justice is a self-published science fiction superhero novel by Fritz Freiheit ( link: ) which was awarded an Honorable Mention in the 20th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards. Reviews and preview chapters are available at the Nova Genesis World wiki link above.

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Impulse Drive — Mach Effect Thruster (link)


The theory has been given in detail elsewhere and references therein, so here we discuss only an experiment. We show how to obtain thrust using a heavy reaction mass at one end of our capacitor stack and a lighter end cap on the other. Then we show how this thrust can be eliminated by having two heavy masses at either end of the stack with a central mounting bracket. We show the same capacitor stack being used as a thruster and then eliminate the thrust by arranging equal brass masses on either end, so that essentially the capacitor stack is trying to push in both directions at once. This arrangement in theory would only allow for a small oscillation but no net thrust. We find the thrust does indeed disappear in the experiment, as predicted. The device (in thruster mode) could in principle be used for propulsion. Experimental apparatus based on a very sensitive thrust balance is briefly described. The experimental protocol employed to search for expected Mach effects is laid out, and the results of this experimental investigation are described.

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This is one of those things, like cold fusion and high temperature superconductivity, that has supporting physical evidence (and theory, too), and I hope like hell turns out to be true. The universe is stranger than we know.

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What it Means When Someone Tries to Tell You THE Rules of Good Writing (link)

by Charlie Jane Anders

There’s only one rule for how to write a story, and that’s: “Write a good story.” Apart from that, anything goes, as long as you can pull it off. (And some things are harder to pull off than others.) But sometimes, people will try and teach you ironclad rules of fiction writing. Like, avoid an omniscient narrator, or introduce your main character on the first page.



Great advice about how to view writing advice cast in the form of writing rules.

  1. These are rules that work for this person, and they might work for you, too. (What I like to call the “What works for me” statement presented in the form of a rule.)
  2. This person is writing in a particular genre where these things are accepted conventions.
  3. This person knows that some writers can break these rules and prosper — but has decided that you’re not one of those writers.

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