Introducing The Neopolymath

Today marks the official kick-off of the “barf phase” (i.e. the writing of the first draft) of my fourth novel, The Neopolymath. I’m hoping to churn this one out in three months, setting myself a goal of writing 1000 words per day. I was successful in doing this for my previous novel, The Red Rook, so I think this is achievable. Unlike The Red Rook, The Neopolymath is the first book in a new series (which I am calling Doc Morrow World), which necessarily means more world building. Additionally, I will be promoting Dispensing Justice and getting ready to publish The Red Rook, so busy times are ahead.

I’m going to try something different with The Neopolymath. This time around, I’m going to build a chunk of it online. How much of the actual text will depend on the response from my readers, but a lot of the world building, character development, and plot will be blogged and wikified.

So, what is The Neopolymath? You shouldn’t be surprised to find out that it is an action-adventure, science fiction novel. Nor will you be surprised, if you’re already familiar with my biases, to find out that it is set in an alternate version of the 20th Century. In Doc Morrow’s world, rather than two world wars, there have been three, and thus, an accelerated rate of technological and scientific growth. Doc Morrow lives in a world where space has been colonized and the solar system is being explored. A world with an enthusiasm for atomic energy, broadcast power, and shiny spaceships. The world of tomorrow as envisioned by science fiction writers from the fifties and sixties. At least to a point. I’ll be putting my own twist on it. So check back soon. I’ll be posting more visions of Doc Morrow World.

Wiki version