Hard spring of discontent is over

The hard spring of discontent is over just in time for summer. I am writing again after a two month hiatus (if you don’t count a couple of days in early June) having completed about a thousand words a day this long 4th of July weekend. The reasons for my break from writing are multiple; including a rough spot at work (unlike some authors, I have difficulty transforming my negative emotions into the written word — I just tend to seize up instead), a rash of reading and listening to books on CD/MP3, and a (semi-)daunting task of re-writing a critical scene in “The Alchemist of Liberty”.  During the down period I never lost the “wanting to want to write” feeling, so I knew it was just a matter of time.  Like the reasons for not writing, the reasons for starting to write again were multiple, including listening to P. G. Wodehouse, which always has a beneficial effect on my mood, and an increasing pressure of new ideas.

This rewrite comes on the very cogent plotting advice of Howard, an editor who has been kind enough to look at AoL, as well as “The Shaper’s Daughter”, and has given me encouragement and much needed critical feedback. (Thanks Howard!) While I am quite pleased with the rewrite (so far) it has grown beyond the size of the original (*sigh*, but this seems to be SOP for me).  I did try to reduce the number of characters involved in the scene, but this was only temporary and I wound up finding a handful of new characters.  I did succeed in distributing the infodumps across the scene and making the action more in tune with the main characters.

Then there are the handful of ideas that I’ve had for new stories and/or worldbuilding in the Nexus that I came up with during this dark period.  Feels good to be writing again, even if the mountain of words that I must spew forth has grown even larger.