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Parallel Visions: City of Angels City of Demons Ebook and trade paperback available now on Amazon.
The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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The Red Rook, sequel to Dispensing Justice and the second novel of Nova Genesis World is now available for Kindle or as a paperback at Amazon.
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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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Q - A Thriller (wiki)George, K.D. (wiki)E1 (wiki)_NO_TYPE_ (wiki)Kindle (wiki) _NO_TYPE_ (wiki)
Q Manual - A Supplement for the James Bond 007 Game (wiki)Gordon, Greg, Klug, Gerard Christopher (wiki)A107 (wiki)Game (wiki)Game (wiki)
QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter (wiki)Feynman, Richard P. (wiki)A113 (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki) Physics (wiki)
QPB Guide to the Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence - Are We Alone in the Cosmos? (wiki)Bova, Ben (wiki); Priess, Byron (wiki)A103 (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Quag Keep (wiki)Norton, Andre (wiki)B8 (wiki)Fantasy (wiki)Fantasy (wiki)
Qualitative Reasoning about Physical Systems (wiki)Bobrow, Daniel G. (wiki)A6 (wiki)Computer (wiki)Computer (wiki)
Quantum Murder, A (Greg Mandel Trilogy Nbr. 2) (wiki)Hamilton, Peter F. (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Quantum Prophecy 1: The Reckoning (wiki)Carroll, Michael (wiki)A110 (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)
Quantum Prophecy 2: The Gathering (wiki)Carroll, Michael (wiki)A110 (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)
Quantum Prophecy 3: The Reckoning (wiki)Carroll, Michael (wiki)A110 (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)
Quantum Prophecy: The Awakening (wiki)Carroll, Michael (wiki)A42 (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)
Quantum Thief, The (wiki)Rajaniemi, Hannu (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Queen City Jazz (wiki)Goonan, Kathleen Ann (wiki)B37 (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)
Queen of Angels (wiki)Bear, Greg (wiki)B19 (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)
Queen of Candesce (wiki)Schoerder, Karl (wiki)A28 (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)R (wiki) Sci Fi (wiki)
Queen of the Swords (wiki)Moorcock, Michael (wiki)B12 (wiki)Fantasy (wiki)Fantasy (wiki)
Queen Victoria's Little Wars (wiki)Farwell, Byron (wiki)A40 (wiki)History (wiki)History (wiki)
Quest Beyond the Stars (wiki)Hamilton, Edmond (wiki)B28 (wiki)Fantasy (wiki)Fantasy (wiki) R (wiki)
Quest Crosstime (wiki)Norton, Andre (wiki)B9 (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)
Quest Crosstime (wiki)Norton, Andre (wiki)B34 (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)R (wiki) Sci Fi (wiki)
Quest for Simbilis (wiki)Shea, Michael (wiki)B4 (wiki)Fantasy (wiki)Fantasy (wiki)
Quest for Tanelorn (wiki)Moorcock, Michael (wiki)B12 (wiki)Fantasy (wiki)Fantasy (wiki)
Quest for the Fazzlewood: Detroit WinterCon VII (wiki)Van de Graaf, John (wiki)A45 (wiki)Game (wiki)Game (wiki)
Quest For the Future (wiki)Vogt, A.E. Van (wiki)B32 (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)
Quest for the Well of Souls (wiki)Chalker, Jack L. (wiki)B13 (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)R (wiki) Sci Fi (wiki)
Quest of Qui (Doc Savage) (wiki)Robeson, Kenneth (wiki)B26 (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki) Action-Adventure (wiki) Doc Savage (wiki) Doc Savage Series (wiki)
Quest of the Gypsy: Eye of the Vulture (wiki)Preiss (wiki); Goulart, Ron (wiki)B34 (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)R (wiki) Sci Fi (wiki)
Quest of the Spider (Doc Savage) (wiki)Robeson, Kenneth (wiki)B26 (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki) Action-Adventure (wiki) Doc Savage (wiki) Doc Savage Series (wiki)
Quest of the Three Worlds (wiki)Smith, Cordwainer (wiki)B4 (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)
Question of Gravity (wiki)TSR (wiki)A11 (wiki)Game (wiki)Game (wiki)
Quick and Dirty Guide to War, A - Updated Edition (wiki)Dunnigan, James F. (wiki); Bay, Austin (wiki)A95 (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki) War (wiki)
Quick Guide: Attics Step-by-Step Construction Methods (wiki)Creative Homeowner (wiki)A117 (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Quick Guide: Basements (wiki)Creative Homeowner (wiki)A116 (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Quick Guide: Masonry Walls (wiki)Creative Homeowner (wiki)A116 (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Quick Guide: Trim Crown Molding, Casing, Base and More (wiki)Creative Homeowner (wiki)A116 (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Quick Reference Guide to SQL (wiki)Saidek, Nancy (wiki)B40 (wiki)Reference (wiki)Computer (wiki) Reference (wiki)
Quicksand (wiki)Brunner, John (wiki)B31 (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Quiddities - An Intermittently Philosophical Dictionary (wiki)Quine, W.V. (wiki)A93 (wiki)Philosophy (wiki)Philosophy (wiki)
Quiet Gentleman (wiki)Heyer, Georgette (wiki)B15 (wiki)Romance (wiki)R (wiki) Romance (wiki)
Quiet of Stone, A (wiki)Leigh, Stephen (wiki)B24 (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)