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Absolution Gap (wiki)Reynolds, Alastair (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Accelerando (wiki)Stross, Charles (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Agatha H and the Airship City (Girl Genius Nbr. 1) (wiki)Foglio, Phil (wiki); Foglio, Kaja (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
All Darkness Met (Dread Empire Nbr. 3) (wiki)Cook, Glen (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Altered Carbon (wiki)Morgan, Richard K. (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Among Others (wiki)Walton, Jo (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Ancillary Justice (wiki)Leckie, Ann (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Armada: A Novel (wiki)Cline, Armada (wiki)E3 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Beautiful Friendship, A (Star Kingdom Nbr. 1) (wiki)Weber, David (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Best Served Cold (wiki)Abercrombie, Joe (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Better World, A (wiki)Sakey, Marcus (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Bitter Seeds (The Milkweed Triptych Nbr. 1) (wiki)Tregillis, Ian (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Black (wiki)Blake, Russell (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Black Mask 1: Doors in the Dark - and Other Crime Fiction from the Legendary Magazine (wiki)Penzler, Otto (editor) (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Boundary Crossed (wiki)Olson, Melissa F. (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Bowl of Heaven (wiki)Niven, Larry (wiki); Benford, Gregory (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Breakaway (Cassandra Kresnov Nbr. 2) (wiki)Shepherd, Joel (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Brightness Reef (The Uplift Trilogy Nbr. 1) (wiki)Brin, David (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Brilliance (wiki)Sakey, Marcus (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Broken Homes (Peter Grant Nbr. 4) (wiki)Aaronovitch, Ben (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Carte Blanche: A James Bond Novel (wiki)Deaver, Jeffrey (wiki)E3 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Caryatids, The (wiki)Sterling, Bruce (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Century Rain (wiki)Reynolds, Alastair (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Chasm City (wiki)Reynolds, Alastair (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Childhood's End (wiki)Clarke, Arthur C. (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Citizen of the Galaxy (wiki)Heinlein, Robert A. (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
City and the City, The (wiki)Mieville, China (wiki)E3 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Clan Corporate, The (Merchant Princes Nbr. 3) (wiki)Stross, Charles (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Complete Cases of Max Latin, The (wiki)Davis, Norbert (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Confessions of a D-List Supervillain (wiki)Bernheimer, Jim (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Control Point: Shadow Ops (wiki)Cole, Myke (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Cyteen (wiki)Cherryh, C. J. (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Daemon (wiki)Suarez, Daniel (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Dark Hills Divide, The (wiki)Carman, Patrick (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Dark Intelligence (wiki)Asher, Neal (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Departure, The (The Owner Nbr. 1) (wiki)Asher, Neal (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Desert of Souls, The: (Dabir and Asim Nbr. 1) (wiki)Jones, Howard Andrew (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Domino Lady, The (wiki)Anderson, Lars (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Dreams of Bali (wiki)Lopez, Thomas N. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Dreams of India (wiki)Lopez, Thomas N. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Dreams of Rio (wiki)Lopez, Thomas N. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Dreams of Sumatra (wiki)Lopez, Thomas N. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Dreams of the Amazon (wiki)Lopez, Thomas N. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Emissaries from the Dead (Andrea Cort Nbr. 1) (wiki)Castro, Adam-Troy (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Emperor Mollusk Versus the Sinister Brain (wiki)Martinez, A. Lee (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Empire State: A Novel (wiki)Christopher, Adam (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Existence (wiki)Brin, David (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Eye of God, The (Sigma Force Nbr. 9) (wiki)Rollins, James (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Eyre Affair, The (wiki)Fforde, Jasper (wiki)E3 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Family Trade, The (Merchant Princes Nbr. 1) (wiki)Stross, Charles (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Fellowship of the Ring, The (wiki)Tolkien, J.R.R. (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Flag in Exile (wiki)Weber, David (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki) Sci Fi (wiki)
Forgotten Realm, The (Doc Savage) (wiki)Robeson, Kenneth (wiki); Dent, Lester (wiki); Murray, Will (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Action-Adventure (wiki) Audiobook (wiki) Doc Savage (wiki) Doc Savage Series (wiki)
Foxglove Summer (Peter Grant Nbr. 5) (wiki)Aaronovitch, Ben (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Freedom (TM) (wiki)Suarez, Daniel (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Fuller Memorandum, The (Laundry Files Nbr. 3) (wiki)Stross, Charles (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Game of Thrones, A (A Song of Ice and Fire Nbr. 1) (wiki)George R. R. Martin (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Gathering, The (Quantum Prophecy Nbr. 2) (wiki)Carroll, Michael (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Ghostman (wiki)Hobbs, Roger (wiki)E3 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Gods of Manhattan (wiki)Mebus, Scott (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Hard Magic (Grimnoir Chronicles Nbr. 1) (wiki)Correia, Larry (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (wiki)Rowling, J.K. (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (wiki)Rowling, J.K. (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (wiki)Rowling, J.K. (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (wiki)Rowling, J.K. (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (wiki)Rowling, J.K. (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (wiki)Rowling, J.K. (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Harry Potter and the Sorcererís Stone (wiki)Rowling, J.K. (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Have Space Suit, Will Travel (wiki)Heinlein, Robert A. (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Helen and Troy's Epic Road Quest (wiki)Martinez, A. Lee (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Hero (wiki)Moore, Perry (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Hidden Family, The (Merchant Princes Nbr. 2) (wiki)Stross, Charles (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Hilldiggers: A Novel of the Polity (wiki)Asher, Neal (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
His Share of Glory: The Complete Short Science Fiction of C. M. Kornbluth (wiki)Kornbluth, C.M. (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Hobbit, The (wiki)Tolkien, J.R.R. (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
House of Suns (wiki)Reynolds, Alastair (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Hydrogen Sonata, The (wiki)Banks, Iain M. (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
In the Country of the Blind (wiki)Flynn, Michael F. (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
In the Courts of the Crimson Kings (wiki)Sterling, S.M. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders, The (wiki)Lopez, Thomas N. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Influx (wiki)Suarez, Daniel (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Into the Storm (Destroyermen Nbr. 1) (wiki)Anderson, Taylor (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Inventing a Nation (wiki)Vidal, Gore (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Jennifer Morgue, The (Laundry Files Nbr. 2) (wiki)Stross, Charles (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Jhereg (Vlad Taltos Nbr. 1) (wiki)Brust, Steven (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
John Adams (wiki)McCullough, David (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (wiki)Clarke, Susanna (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Judas Unchained (wiki)Hamilton, Peter F. (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Jupiter War (The Owner Nbr. 3) (wiki)Asher, Neal (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Killer in the Rain (wiki)Chandler, Raymond (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Legion: Skin Deep (wiki)Sanderson, Brandon (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Lies of Locke Lamora, The (wiki)Lynch, Scott (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Line of Polity, The (wiki)Asher, Neal (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Line War (wiki)Asher, Neal (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Locke and Key (wiki)Hill, Joe (wiki); Rodriguez, Gabriel (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Mark of Zorro, The (wiki)McCulley, Johnston (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Market Forces (wiki)Morgan, Richard K. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Mechanical, The (The Alchemy Wars Nbr. 1) (wiki)Tregillis, Ian (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Merchants' War, The (Merchant Princes Nbr. 4) (wiki)Stross, Charles (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Midnight Riot (Peter Grant Nbr. 1) (wiki)Aaronovitch, Ben (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Mindstar Rising (Greg Mandel Trilogy Nbr. 1) (wiki)Hamilton, Peter F. (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Mitosis: A Reckoners Story (wiki)Sanderson, Brandon (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Monster Hunter International (Monster Hunter Nbr. 1) (wiki)Correia, Larry (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Moon Over Morocco (wiki)Lopez, Thomas N. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Moon Over Soho (Peter Grant Nbr. 2) (wiki)Aaronovitch, Ben (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Mystery of Jaguar Reef, The (wiki)Lopez, Thomas N. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Nano Flower, The (Greg Mandel Trilogy Nbr. 3) (wiki)Hamilton, Peter F. (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Napoleonís War (wiki)Esdaile, Charles (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki) History (wiki)
Neptune's Brood (wiki)Stross, Charles (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
October's Baby (Dread Empire Nbr. 2) (wiki)Cook, Glen (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Off Armageddon Reef (wiki)Weber, David (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
On Basilisk Station (Honor Harrington Nbr. 1) (wiki)Weber, David (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Outlaw Demon Wails, The (wiki)Harrison, Kim (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Palace Job, The (wiki)Weekes, Patrick (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Pandora's Star (wiki)Hamilton, Peter F. (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Pattern Recognition (wiki)Gibson, William (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Pirate Queen, The (wiki)Ronald, Susan (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki) History (wiki)
Polity Agent (Agent Cormac Nbr. 4) (wiki)Asher, Neal (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Post-Human Omnibus, The: Books 1-4 (wiki)Simpson, David (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Praxis, The (Dread Empire's Fall Nbr. 1) (wiki)Williams, Walter Jon (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Prefect, The (wiki)Reynolds, Alastair (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Pride and Prejudice (wiki)Austen, Jane (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
PULSE (Jack Sigler Thriller Nbr. 1) (wiki)Robinson, Jeremy (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Pushing Ice (wiki)Reynolds, Alastair (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Quantum Murder, A (Greg Mandel Trilogy Nbr. 2) (wiki)Hamilton, Peter F. (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Quantum Thief, The (wiki)Rajaniemi, Hannu (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Raising Steam (Discworld Nbr. 40) (wiki)Pratchett, Terry (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Red Harvest (wiki)Hammett, Dashiell (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Redemption Ark (wiki)Reynolds, Alastair (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Redshirts (wiki)Scalzi, John (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Return of the King, The (wiki)Tolkien, J.R.R. (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Return to Inverness (wiki)Lopez, Thomas N. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Revelation Space (wiki)Reynolds, Alastair (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Rise of Renegade X, The (Renegade X Nbr. 1) (wiki)Campbell, Chelsea M. (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Rook, The: A Novel (wiki)O'Malley, Daniel (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Ruby 3, Part 1: The Underworld (wiki)Lopez, Thomas N. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Ruby 3, Part 2: The Invisible World (wiki)Lopez, Thomas N. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Ruby 4, Part 3: Mad Moon for Rubina (wiki)Lopez, Thomas N. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Ruby 4, Part 4: Dark Night of the Reptoids (wiki)Lopez, Thomas N. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Ruby 6.5: Far Flung Farouk (wiki)Lopez, Thomas N. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Ruby 6: The Illusionati (wiki)Lopez, Thomas N. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Ruby 7: Deam Weaver Dream Deceiver (wiki)Lopez, Thomas N. (wiki)G2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Sandstorm (Sigma Force Nbr. 1) (wiki)Rollins, James (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Scratch One (wiki)Crichton, Michael (wiki); Lange, John (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Seven Wonders (wiki)Christopher, Adam (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki) Superhero (wiki)
Shadow of All Night Falling, A (Dread Empire Nbr. 1) (wiki)Cook, Glen (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Shadow of the Scorpion: A Novel of the Polity (wiki)Asher, Neal (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Skull Island (Doc Savage) (wiki)Murray, Will (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki) Doc Savage (wiki)
Soon I Will Be Invincible (wiki)Grossman, Austin (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki) Superhero (wiki)
Spellbound (Grimnoir Chronicles Nbr. 2) (wiki)Correia, Larry (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Star Wars: The Radio Drama (wiki)Lucas, George (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki) Sci Fi (wiki) Star Wars (wiki)
Starling Project, The (wiki)Deaver, Jeffrey (wiki)E3 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Storm Front (Dresden Files Nbr. 1) (wiki)Butcher, Jim (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Supergods: What Masked Vigilantes, Miraculous Mutants, and a Sun God from Smallville Can Teach Us About Being Human (wiki)Morrison, Grant (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Technician, The (wiki)Asher, Neal (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Terminal World (wiki)Reynolds, Alastair (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Those Angry Days (wiki)Olson, Lynne (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki) History (wiki)
Thud! (wiki)Pratchett, Terry (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Time for the Stars (wiki)Heinlein, Robert A. (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Trigger Mortis: A James Bond Novel (wiki)Horowitz, Anthony (wiki)E3 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Triumff: Her Majesty's Hero (wiki)Abnett, Dan (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Trouble is My Business (wiki)Chandler, Raymond (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Two Towers, The (wiki)Tolkien, J.R.R. (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Unnatural Habits (Phyrne Fisher Nbr. 20) (wiki)Greenwood, Kerry (wiki)E3 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Vanishing Games (wiki)Hobbs, Roger (wiki)E3 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
WebMage (Ravirn Nbr. 1) (wiki)McCullough, Kelly (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
When the Women Come Out to Dance (wiki)Leonard, Elmore (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Whispers Under Ground (Peter Grant Nbr. 3) (wiki)Aaronovitch, Ben (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Wicked (wiki)Maguire, Gregory (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Wild Cards (wiki)Martin, George R.R. (wiki)G1 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki) Wild Cards Series (wiki)
You: A Novel (wiki)Grossman, Austin (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Zero Point (The Owner Nbr. 2) (wiki)Asher, Neal (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)
Zorro and the Pirate Raiders (wiki)McCulley, Johnston (wiki); Arneson, D.J. (wiki)E2 (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)Audiobook (wiki)