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Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster (wiki)Watterson, Bill (wiki)A72 (wiki)Calvin and Hobbes (wiki) Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. Big Wheel (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. Cave In (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. Dip in Road (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. Great Zot I'm Beautiful (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. Is Alive and Well (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. It's a Funny World (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. Life is a Seventy-Five Cent Paperback (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. On the Rocks (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B19 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. One More Time (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. Right On (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. Strikes Back (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. Truckin on Down (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Baby Blues (wiki)Kirkman, Rick (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Back to B.C. (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Beetle Bailey (wiki)Walker, Mort (wiki)B19 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Best Cartoons of the World (wiki)Abel, Bob (wiki)B19 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Best of Fox Trot, The (wiki)Amend, Bill (wiki)A109 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Bloom County (wiki)Breathed, Berke (wiki)A51 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Bloom County Babylon (wiki)Breathed, Berke (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Bloom County Billy and the Boingers Bootleg (wiki)Breathed, Berke (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Bloom County Happy Trails (wiki)Breathed, Berke (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Bloom County Mary Kay Commandos (wiki)Breathed, Berke (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Bloom County Penguin Dreams and Stranger Things (wiki)Breathed, Berke (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Bloom County Tales Too Ticklish to Tell (wiki)Breathed, Berke (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Bloom County Toons for our Times (wiki)Breathed, Berke (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Bravo For Life's Little Ironies (wiki)Trudeau, G.B. (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Call Me When You Find America (wiki)Trudeau, G.B. (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Calvin and Hobbes (wiki)Watterson, Bill (wiki)A72 (wiki)Calvin and Hobbes (wiki) Cartoon (wiki)
Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sunday Book (wiki)Watterson, Bill (wiki)A72 (wiki)Calvin and Hobbes (wiki) Cartoon (wiki)
Calvin and Hobbes Scientific Progress goes Boink (wiki)Watterson, Bill (wiki)A72 (wiki)Calvin and Hobbes (wiki) Cartoon (wiki)
Calvin and Hobbes Something Under the bed is Drooling (wiki)Watterson, Bill (wiki)A72 (wiki)Calvin and Hobbes (wiki) Cartoon (wiki)
Calvin and Hobbes the Days are Just Packed (wiki)Watterson, Bill (wiki)A72 (wiki)Calvin and Hobbes (wiki) Cartoon (wiki)
Calvin and Hobbes Weirdos from Another Planet (wiki)Watterson, Bill (wiki)A72 (wiki)Calvin and Hobbes (wiki) Cartoon (wiki)
Calvin and Hobbes Yukon Ho (wiki)Watterson, Bill (wiki)A72 (wiki)Calvin and Hobbes (wiki) Cartoon (wiki)
Calvin and Hobbes: Revenge of the Babysat (wiki)Watterson, Bill (wiki)A80 (wiki)Calvin and Hobbes (wiki) Cartoon (wiki)
Childhood is Hell (wiki)Groening, Matt (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Completely Cracked (wiki)Unknown (wiki)B19 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Completely Mad (wiki)Martin,Don (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Dennis the Menace (wiki)Ketcham, Hank (wiki)B19 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Dilbert: Always Postpone Meetings With Time-Wasting Morons (wiki)Adams ,Scott (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Dilbert: Clues for the clueless (wiki)Adams, Scott (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Divas, Dames and Daredevils - Lost Heroines of Golden Age Comics (wiki)Mike Madrid (wiki)A109 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Don Martin Bounces Back (wiki)Martin, Don (wiki)B19 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Don Martin Drops 13 Stories (wiki)Martin, Don (wiki)B19 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Doonesbury Chronicles (wiki)Trudeau, G B (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Doonesbury Deluxe (wiki)Trudeau, G B (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Doonesbury: An Especially Tricky People (wiki)Trudeau, G B (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Doonesbury: As the Kid Goes for Broke (wiki)Trudeau, G B (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Doonesbury: Dare to Be Great, Ms. Caucus (wiki)Trudeau, G B (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Doonesbury: President is a Lot Smarter Than You Think (wiki)Trudeau, G B (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Doonesbury: Speaking of Inalienable right, Amy (wiki)Trudeau, G B (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Doonesbury: Stalking the Perfect Tan (wiki)Trudeau, G B (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Doonesbury: What do We Have for the Witnesses, Johnnie (wiki)Trudeau, G B (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Doonesbury: Wouldn't a Gremlin Have Been More Sensible (wiki)Trudeau, G B (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Doonesbury: You're Never Too Old for Nuts and Berries (wiki)Trudeau, G B (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Essential Calvin and Hobbes (wiki)Watterson, Bill (wiki)A72 (wiki)Calvin and Hobbes (wiki) Cartoon (wiki)
Even Revolutionaries Like Chocolate Chip Cookies (wiki)Trudeau, G.B. (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Evil Geniuses in a Nutshell (wiki)Illiad (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Far Side Gallery (wiki)Larson, Gary (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
For the Love of Peanuts (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Foxtrot (wiki)Amend, Bill (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Foxtrot (wiki)Amend, Bill (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Foxtrot: Black Bart Says Draw (wiki)Amend, Bill (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Foxtrot: Bury My Heart at Fun-Fun Mountain (wiki)Amend, Bill (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Foxtrot: Eight Yards, Down and Out (wiki)Amend, Bill (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Foxtrot: Pass the Loot (wiki)Amend, Bill (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Gahan Wilsonís Grave Diggers Party (wiki)Wilson, Gahan (wiki)A113 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Good Grief Charlie Brown (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Guilty, Guilty, Guilty! (wiki)Trudeau, G.B. (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Here Comes Charlie Brown! (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Here Comes Snoopy (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Here's to Yous Charlie Brown (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Hey! B.C. (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
High Stepping Through the Neighborhood (wiki)Amerongen, Jerry Van (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Hurray For B.C. (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
I Have No Son (wiki)Trudeau, G.B. (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Ides of Mad, The (wiki)Unknown (wiki)B19 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Is Nothing Sacred (wiki)Wilson, Gahen (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Just a French Major from the Bronx (wiki)Trudeau, G.B. (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
King is a Fink, The (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Mad Adventures of Captain Klutz, The (wiki)Martin, Don (wiki)B19 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Mad's on Parade (wiki)Sergio Aragones (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Mister Boffo Shrink Wrapped (wiki)Martin, Joe (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Mister Boffo Unclear on the Concept (wiki)Martin, Joe (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Neighborhood in Color (wiki)Amerongen, Jerry Van (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
New Peanuts Book Featuring Snoopy (wiki)Schulz, Charles M (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Nobody's Perfect, Charlie Brown (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Peanuts Every Sunday (wiki)Schulz, Charles M (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Peasants are Revolting, The (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Pocket Mad, The (wiki)Martin, Don (wiki)B19 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Prehistory of the Far Side (wiki)Larson, Gary (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Remember the Golden Rule (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Resident Mad Scientist (wiki)Taylor, Howard (wiki)F1 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki) Sci Fi (wiki)
Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance, The (wiki)Taylor, Howard (wiki)F1 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki) Sci Fi (wiki)
Shave the Whales (wiki)Adams, Scott (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Sound sleeping in the Neighborhood (wiki)Amerongen, Jerry Van (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Spy vs Spy (wiki)Prohias (wiki)B19 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki) Spy (wiki)
Take a Bow B.C. (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Teen-Agers, Unite (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
There Goes the Neighborhood (wiki)Amerongen, Jerry Van (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
There's a Fly in My Swill (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
This is Your Life, Charlie Brown (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Token Mad, The (wiki)Unknown (wiki)B19 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
User Friendly Comic Strip (wiki)Illiad (wiki)A72 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Very Funny, Charlie Brown (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
We Love You Snoopy (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
What's New, B.C.? (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Wizard of ID Nbr. 10, The (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Wizard of ID Nbr. 7, The (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Wizard of ID Nbr. 8, The (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Wizard of ID Nbr. 9, The (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Wizard of ID, The (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Wizard of ID, The (wiki)Parker (wiki); Hart (wiki)B19 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Wizards Back, The (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Wondrous Wizard of ID, The (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Yes Virginia There is a Santa Claus (wiki)Unknown (wiki)B19 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
You Can't Win Charlie Brown (wiki)Schulz, Charles M (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
You're a Brave Man, Charlie Brown (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)B31 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
You're Out of Your Mind, Charlie Brown (wiki)Schulz, Charles M (wiki)A80 (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)