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Parallel Visions: City of Angels City of Demons Ebook and trade paperback available now on Amazon.
The question of whether Vance was dead or not became more than academic when he found himself in a bathtub up to his chin in ice water like some forgotten cocktail garnish, a demonic woman standing over him, and no memory of how he got there.
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The Red Rook, sequel to Dispensing Justice and the second novel of Nova Genesis World is now available for Kindle or as a paperback at Amazon.
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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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2000 Insults For All Occasions (wiki)Safian, Louis A. (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
7 Ways to Tell Fortunes and Predict the Future (wiki)Petrie, Jodra (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)
Asterix at the Olympic Games (wiki)Goscinny (wiki); Uderzo (wiki)Comic (wiki)Comic (wiki) R (wiki)
Atlantis Rising (wiki)Steiger, Brad (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)
Avon Book of Modern Short Stories, The (wiki)Sapper-Wells, H.G. (wiki)Fiction (wiki)Fiction (wiki)
B.C. Big Wheel (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. Cave In (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. Dip in Road (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. Great Zot I'm Beautiful (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. Is Alive and Well (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. It's a Funny World (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. Life is a Seventy-Five Cent Paperback (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. One More Time (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. Right On (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. Strikes Back (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
B.C. Truckin on Down (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Back to B.C. (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Be Your Own Fortune Teller (wiki)Minor, Marz Nono (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)
Bravo For Life's Little Ironies (wiki)Trudeau, G.B. (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Brilliant Kids (wiki)Lieberman, Herbert (wiki)Fantasy (wiki)Fantasy (wiki)
Call Me When You Find America (wiki)Trudeau, G.B. (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Chariots of the Gods? (wiki)Daniken, Erich Von (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki) R (wiki)
Children of MU, The (wiki)Churchward, James (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)
Complete Book of Palmistry, The (wiki)Wilson, Joyce (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)
Copenhagen Affair, The (wiki)Oram, John (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Crossword Puzzles (wiki)Farrar, Margaret (wiki)Game (wiki)Game (wiki)
Devastators, The (wiki)Hamilton, Donald (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Diamond Smugglers, The (wiki)Fleming, Ian (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Doctor No (wiki)Fleming, Ian (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Double Identity (wiki)Carter, Nick (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Dream Book (wiki)Aras, Evad (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)
Edgar Cayce on Prophecy (wiki)Carter, Mary Ellen (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)
Even Revolutionaries Like Chocolate Chip Cookies (wiki)Trudeau, G.B. (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Executioner, The (wiki)Pendleton, Don (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Executive Action (wiki)Lane, Mark (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Flying Saucer Invasion (wiki)Steiger, Brad (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)
For the Love of Peanuts (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
For Your Eyes Only (wiki)Fleming, Ian (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Free and Inexpensive Things For Teens (wiki)Weiss (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
From Outer Space (wiki)Menger, Howard (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)
From Russia With Love (wiki)Fleming, Ian (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Fun With Brain Puzzlers (wiki)Longley-Cook, L.H. (wiki)Game (wiki)Game (wiki)
Get Smart (wiki)Johnston, William (wiki)Comedy (wiki)Comedy (wiki)
Gods from Outer Space (wiki)Daniken, Erich Von (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)Paranormal (wiki) R (wiki)
Gold of the Gods, The (wiki)Daniken, Erich Von (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Goldfinger (wiki)Fleming, Ian (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Good Grief Charlie Brown (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Guilty, Guilty, Guilty! (wiki)Trudeau, G.B. (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Handy Book of Indoor Games, The (wiki)Mott-Smith, Geoffrey (wiki)Game (wiki)Game (wiki)
Here Comes Charlie Brown! (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Here Comes Snoopy (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Here's to Yous Charlie Brown (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Hey! B.C. (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Hollow Earth, The (wiki)Bernard, Raymond (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)
How to Make ESP Work for You (wiki)Sherman, Harold (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)
Hurray For B.C. (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
I Have No Son (wiki)Trudeau, G.B. (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
In Search of Ancient Mysteries (wiki)Landsburg, Sally (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)
Incident At Exeter (wiki)Fuller, John G. (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)
Just a French Major from the Bronx (wiki)Trudeau, G.B. (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
King is a Fink, The (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Mad Scientist Affair, The (wiki)Phillifent, John T. (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)
Man from U.N.C.L.E, The (wiki)Avallone, Michael (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Man With the Golden Gun, The (wiki)Fleming, Ian (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Max Smart and the Perilous Pellets (wiki)Johnston, William (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Mysteries from Forgotten Worlds (wiki)Berlitz, Charles (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)
Nobody's Perfect, Charlie Brown (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (wiki)Fleming, Ian (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Palmistry (wiki)Niles, Edith (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)
Peasants are Revolting, The (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Puzzles Quizzes and Games (wiki)Young, Edith (wiki); Fraser, Phyllis (wiki)Game (wiki)Game (wiki)
Quicksand (wiki)Brunner, John (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Ravagers, The (wiki)Hamilton, Donald (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Remember the Golden Rule (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Report on U.F.O., The (wiki)Ruppelt, Edward J. (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)
Ripley's Believe it or Not! (wiki)Ripley (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Robinson Crusoe (wiki)Defoe, Daniel (wiki)Fiction (wiki)Fiction (wiki) R (wiki)
Sharks and Little Fish (wiki)Ott, Wolfgang (wiki)Fiction (wiki)Fiction (wiki)
Strange Encounters (wiki)Macklin, John (wiki)Fantasy (wiki)Fantasy (wiki)
Stranger Than Science (wiki)Edwards, Frank (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Swiss Family Robinson, The (wiki)Wyss, Johann David (wiki)Fiction (wiki)Fiction (wiki) R (wiki)
Take a Bow B.C. (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Teen-Agers, Unite (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Test Your Wits (wiki)Doubleday, Eric (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
There's a Fly in My Swill (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
They Fought For the Sky (wiki)Reynolds, Quentin (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
This is Your Life, Charlie Brown (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Thunderball (wiki)Fleming, Ian (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
Vanished (wiki)Knebels, Fletcher (wiki)Adventure (wiki)Adventure (wiki)
Very Funny, Charlie Brown (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
We are Not the First (wiki)Tomas, Andrew (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
We Love You Snoopy (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
What We Really Know About Flying Saucers (wiki)Binder, Otto (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)Paranormal (wiki)
What's New, B.C.? (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Where Eagles Dare (wiki)MacLean, Alistair (wiki)Adventure (wiki)Adventure (wiki)
Wizard of ID Nbr. 10, The (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Wizard of ID Nbr. 7, The (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Wizard of ID Nbr. 8, The (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Wizard of ID Nbr. 9, The (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Wizard of ID, The (wiki)Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Wizards Back, The (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Wondrous Wizard of ID, The (wiki)Parker, Brant (wiki); Hart, Johnny (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)
Work This Out (wiki)Longley-Cook, L.H. (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
You Only Live Twice (wiki)Fleming, Ian (wiki)Action (wiki)Action (wiki)
You're a Brave Man, Charlie Brown (wiki)Schulz, Charles M. (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)Cartoon (wiki)