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Book of Bond, The - Or Every Man His Own 007 (wiki)Tanner, William ('Bill') (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)James Bond (wiki) Non-Fiction (wiki)
Classics of Strategy and Counsel - Volume 1 (wiki)Cleary, Thomas (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki) War (wiki)
Classics of Strategy and Counsel - Volume 2 (wiki)Cleary, Thomas (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki) War (wiki)
Classics of Strategy and Counsel - Volume 3 (wiki)Cleary, Thomas (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki) War (wiki)
Cross-Roads of Modern Warfare - Sixteen Twentieth-Century Battles that Shaped Contemporary History (wiki)Middleton, Drew (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Difference Engine, The - Charles Babbage and the Quest to Build the First Computer (wiki)Swade, Doron (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Edison's Eve - A Magical History of the Quest for Mechanical Life (wiki)Wood, Gaby (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)History (wiki) Non-Fiction (wiki)
Elements of Physics (wiki)Fuller, Robert W. (wiki); Brownlee, Raymond B. (wiki); Baker, D. Lee (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki) Physics (wiki)
Emergence - The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains, Cities, and Software (wiki)Johnson, Steven (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Essential Jung, The (wiki)Jung, C.G. (wiki); Storr, Anthony (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Exotic Aquarium Fishes (wiki)Innes, William T. (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Illustrated (wiki) Non-Fiction (wiki)
Fire Power - Two Professional Mercenaries Reveal the Shattering Facts Behind Today's Mercenary Scene (wiki)Dempster, Chris (wiki); Tomkins, Dave (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Five Ages of the Universe - Inside the Physics of Eternity (wiki)Adams, Fred (wiki); Laughlin, Greg (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Gunfire Around the Gulf - The Last Major Naval Campaigns of the Civil War (wiki)Coombe, Jack D. (wiki)History (wiki)History (wiki)
Heath Handbook of English (wiki)Christ, Henry L. (wiki); Starkey, Margaret M. (wiki); Tressler, J.C. (wiki)Reference (wiki)Reference (wiki) Writing (wiki)
Honorable Treachery - A History of U.S. Intelligence, Espionage, and Covert Action from the American Revolution to the CIA (wiki)O'Toole, G.J.A. (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
How to Solve Physics Problems (wiki)Ripin, Edwin M. (wiki)Physics (wiki)Physics (wiki)
Hypnotism (wiki)Estabrooks, George H. (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Ig Nobel Prizes, The - The Annals of Improbable Research (wiki)Abrahams, Marc (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Journey to the Far Pacific (wiki)Dewey, Thomas E. (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Just So Stories (wiki)Kipling, Rudyard (wiki)Fiction (wiki)Fiction (wiki)
Lives of a Cell, The - Notes of a Biology Watcher (wiki)Thomas, Lewis (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Biology (wiki) Non-Fiction (wiki)
Myths of Greece and Rome (wiki)Guerber, H.A. (wiki)Mythology (wiki)Mythology (wiki)
Seven Pillars of Wisdom - A Triumph (wiki)Lawrence, T.E. (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki) Philosophy (wiki)
Sherlock's Logic (wiki)Neblett, William (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Sisters Grimm, The - The Fairy-Tale Detectives (wiki)Buckley, Michael (wiki)Fantasy (wiki)Fantasy (wiki) YA (wiki)
Story of Mark Twain, The (wiki)Howard, Joan (wiki)Biography (wiki)Biography (wiki)
Tell Me a Story - A New Look at Real and Artificial Memory (wiki)Schank, Roger C. (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Computer (wiki) Non-Fiction (wiki)
What Counts - The Complete Harper's Index (wiki)Conn, Charis (wiki); Silverman, Hena (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)