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Barlowe's Guide to Extra-Terrestrials - Great Aliens from Science Fiction Literature (wiki)Barlowe, Wayne Douglas (wiki); Summers, Ian (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)
Baycon 89 (wiki)Various (wiki)Convention (wiki)Convention (wiki) Illustrated (wiki)
Chicon V (wiki)Various (wiki)Convention (wiki)Convention (wiki) Illustrated (wiki)
Con Diego 1990 (wiki)Various (wiki)Convention (wiki)Convention (wiki) Illustrated (wiki)
Dominic Fortune - It Can Happen Here and Now (wiki)Chaykin, Howard (wiki)Comic (wiki)Comic (wiki) Superhero (wiki)
European Scrap Book, The (1928) (wiki)Various (wiki)Fiction (wiki)Fiction (wiki) Illustrated (wiki)
Ex Machina 1 - The First Hundred Days (wiki)Vaughn, Brian K. (wiki); Harris, Tony (wiki); Feister, Tom (wiki)Comic (wiki)Comic (wiki) Superhero (wiki)
Ex Machina 2 - Tag (wiki)Vaughn, Brian K. (wiki); Harris, Tony (wiki); Feister, Tom (wiki)_NO_TYPE_ (wiki)_NO_TYPE_ (wiki)
Expedition - Being an Account in Words and Artwork of the 2358 A.D. Voyage to Darwin IV (wiki)Barlowe, Wayne Douglas (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)Sci Fi (wiki)
Firearms and Fortifications - Military Architecture and Siege Warfare in Sixteenth-Century Siena (wiki)Pepper, Simon (wiki); Adams, Nicholas (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Great American Pin-Up (wiki)Martignette, Charles G. (wiki); Meisel, Louis K. (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Howard the Duck (Marvel Treasury Edition 12) (wiki)Various (wiki)Comic (wiki)Comic (wiki) Superhero (wiki)
Human Machine, The - How the body works... (wiki)Alexander, R. McNeill (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Images - Japanese Mind (wiki)Hibi, Sadao (wiki); Nakayashiro, Noriko (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Iron Ghost, The (wiki)Dixon, Chuck (wiki); Cariello, Sergio (wiki); Henry, Flint (wiki)Comic (wiki)Comic (wiki) Superhero (wiki)
Jane's Military Review - Fourth year of Issue (wiki)Hogg, Ian V. (Ed.) (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Military (wiki) Non-Fiction (wiki)
Japanese in Action (wiki)Seward, Jack (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Japanese (wiki) Non-Fiction (wiki)
Leaf Men, The (wiki)Joyce, William (wiki)Fiction (wiki)Fiction (wiki)
Mouse Guard - Fall 1152 (wiki)Petersen, David (wiki)Comic (wiki)Comic (wiki) Fantasy (wiki)
Nicholas Cricket (wiki)Joyce, William (wiki)Fiction (wiki)Fiction (wiki)
PC Annoyances (wiki)Bass, Steve (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Computer (wiki) Non-Fiction (wiki)
Science of Words, The (wiki)Miller, George A. (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Secrets of the Samurai - A Survey of the Martial Arts of Feudal Japan (wiki)Ratti, Oscar (wiki); Westbrook, Adele (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Sergio Aragones the Groo Kingdom (wiki)Aragones, Sergio (wiki)Comic (wiki)Comic (wiki) Fantasy (wiki)
Sex and the Single Child (wiki)Levenson, Sam (wiki); Darrow, Whitney (Illustrator) (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Illustrated (wiki) Non-Fiction (wiki)
Stars (wiki)Kaler, James B. (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)
Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes (Limited Collectors' Edition 1976) (wiki)Various (wiki)Comic (wiki)Comic (wiki) Superhero (wiki)
That's Good! That's Bad! In the Grand Canyon (wiki)Cuyler, Margery (wiki); Catrow, David (Illustrator) (wiki)Fiction (wiki)Fiction (wiki)
Transmetropolitan 4 - The New Scum (wiki)Ellis, Warren (wiki); Robertson, Darick (wiki); Ramos, Rodney (wiki); Aiken, Keith (wiki)Comic (wiki)Comic (wiki) Sci Fi (wiki)
Zeppelin! - The German Airship Story (wiki)Griehl, Manfred (wiki); Dressel, Joachim (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)Non-Fiction (wiki)