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The Radical Story Mind (link)

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Comment:If I understand the argument correctly, the idea of a "Story Mind" is that it is a "story" (as versus a "tale", which is a simple linear narrative) is a narrative that makes the claim that it is the either the best or worst possible rendering of a narrative and, significantly, contains within it "reasonable proof" of this claim by encapsulating all necessary "viewpoints" to disprove claims that other narratives of that "story" are the best path or worst path (depending on the claim).

I find this an interesting perspective on storytelling. Not the least of which is because my gut reaction to the ability of an author to encapsulate enough "viewpoints" (the contextual definition of "viewpoint" is left to our imagination, but intuitively, at least to me, "viewpoints" are something like story elements, such as inciting event, voice, goals, climax, etc.) that will be predictive of all possible objections to the stated claim of best or worst is problematic. Nor, in the argument, is there a story held up as being a good example of a "Story Mind" capable of defending its claim to best or worst.

Ultimately, the idea that there is a best or worst possible rendering of a narrative founders and sinks under the assumption that any given consumer of a narrative is interchangeable, and to promise that a story, if crafted carefully enough, will satisfy everyone is doomed to failure.


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