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The Alchemist of Liberty Glossary

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Adamantium is another term for diamond, or a diamond-like composite that is formed using alchemy. (e)


An airship operations and docking area. (e)

alchemical ecology

The alchemistry permeating an organism's tissue, both inter- and intra-cellular. (e)


A practitioner of alchemistry. (e)


Nanotechnology. Some forms of alchemistry are mediated by tech, other forms are meant to operate in the dimlands or during an interregnum and not need the mediation of Monoliths. (e)


Alchemy is the process of alchemistry. (e)


The dominate form of a neohuman rad. Most neohuman rads are split into alpha-beta forms. (e)


The alpha form of neohumans that are (outwardly) the most similar to us (homo sapiens). (e)


A neohuman rad that is taller and more slender than alpha-humans that was originally engineered for lower gravity worlds. (e)


Arbaris is the capitol city of Edmee located on Opyl. (e)


An arkade is an afterlife off-space. (e)

audit port

A 'hook' into someones sensoria flow to their codex. (e)


The subordinate form of a neohuman rad. Most neohuman rads are split into alpha-beta forms. (e)


The beta form of jaishin. Also known as cursors. (e)


The beta form of humans. Also known as goons. (e)


A sub-sentient biological robot. Commonly created by Shaper's. (e)


One the component biots of the Bioway. (e)


The collection of biotics / biots that is the primary transportation and emergency response system in Arbaris. (e)


Template:Breach (e)


Slang term for beta-jaishin. (e)


A screen used to hide when people jack into or out of an off-space to maintain the social illusion that off-space is just like on-space. (e)


A sort of personal obscuration / cloaking field. (e)


Edmee is one of the major nations of Opyl, primarily inhabited by jaishin. Its capitol is Arbaris. (e)

Ecologue faction

A political group that rose to power during the beta-revolt in Edmee and one of the major forces behind the the Terror. (e)


The fade is another term for nulspace. Used by majority of the population. The term nulspace is used by nulnauts / nulship personal. (e)

A name marker used in jaishin culture for "noble" families. (e)


A disposable paper-like substance. (e)


An indication of energy flow. (e)

force blade

Template:Force blade (e)


The creation of a mental clone of an individual.
Most cultures of the Nexus ban forking, which leads to the second slang usage of the word fork as a general epithet. (e)


Symbols, text and other visual overlays. A visual component of augmented reality. (e)


Template:Golem (e)


A slang term for beta-humans. (e)


An imp is a sub-sentient autonomous 'program' (as in computer program) and a form of tech. Imps can only operate within the influence of a Monolith and thus are restricted to the brightlands.
There are a number imp subclasses, including demons, doppelgangers, oracles, and sprites. (e)


As a noun, an off-space avatar. As a verb (jack in), the act of entering an off-space. (e)


A neohuman rad with an alpha and beta (cursor) form. See alpha-jaishin. (e)


The after affects of jumping. Typically dizziness and disorientation. (e)


In the Nexus, a teleport is referred to as a jump. (e)


Torpedo launcher (French for 'launcher'). (e)

ley line

The navigational "channel" between two Monoliths. Ley lines are extremely important for navigation in nulspace. Without them, it is extremely easy to get lost. To travel off of a ley line requires the nulship to have a micro-Monolith. (e)

link (Nexus)

The neohuman ability to communicate directly with another neohuman. Linking is similar to telepathy, but is not psionic like telepathy, rather it is tech integrated into the brain. (e)

Living Tower

A Shaped structure that is something more than just a biot located in Arbaris. (e)


A martian is a soldier on a airship or nulship.
A general replacement for the term "marine", shifting the focus from water/maritime to martial/military.
Note that the term "martian" is not capitalized as it has nothing to do with the planet or god Mars, as both have been lost. (e)


A matrix is a term used to describe tech in a physical form. (e)


Medical tech. (e)
Plural form of meduse.


Meduse (or the plural medusae) are biological blimp / aeroship / biot developed by the Shapers. Medusae resemble huge aerial egg-shaped jellyfish with a variety of tentacles and other fleshy parts dangling from their underside. (e)


Template:ΜMonolith (e)
See μMonolith.

mind probe

A telepathic or psionic forced reading of at mind. Usually performed to verify the targets identity. (e)


A physical modification (of an organism). (e)


To have a mod, to be physical changed. (e)


To mod. (e)


Monoliths are massive artifacts left by the transhumans. The single most important feature supporting tech and the brightlands culture of the Nexus. (e)

Monsieur Lanceur

The torpedo battery converted into an execution device for launching people into the fade during the Terror. (e)


Template:Null-space (e)


Someone who travels through nulspace. (e)


A term for virtual reality. As versus real-space. (e)


Template:Opyl (e)


A couch used by people to leave their physical body while jacked into off-space. (e)

People's Republic of Edmee

The government of Edmee during the Era of Revolution (TE9). (e)

plasma lance

Template:Plasma lance (e)


Template:Potion (e)

power armor

Power armor is a full body armored suit that is environmentally sealed with motors that augment the wearer's strength and sometimes speed. A suit of powered armor can be thought of as a one-man man-shaped tank. Contrast with exoskeleton. (e)


The physical world. As versus nulspace or off-space. (e)

reality stabilizer

Tech that shifts the highly unstable nature of nulspace in such a way as to create a bubble of stable real-space. (e)


Abbreviation for recorporialize. (e)


To recorporialize is to resurrect in a new body, typically either in a clone or a generic. (e)


To bring back to life. There are two forms of resurrection, recorporialization and revivification. (e)


To revivify is to resurrect using a repaired body rather than a new one (see recorporialize). (e)


Prior to the Edmee beta revolt the elite alpha-jaishin ruling class of the Edmee. Known for their abilities in genetic engineering, biological sciences, and biotech. (e)


The suppression of pain by conscious directive. An ability common to most neohumans. (e)


Template:Stunner (e)


The city of Spire and its enclosing empyrean are both named after the Spire Monolith. (e)


Acronym for Transhuman Echo. (e)


Acronym for Transhuman Echo 9. (e)


Technology so sophisticated that it will only (fully) operate when supported by a Monolith. (e)

Terror, the

During the Era of Revolution, the period when the People's Republic of Edmee became a tyranny. (e)


In the Nexus, transhumans are our descendants, forming a wide flung civilization. We are the distant ancestors of neohumans. (e)

Transhuman Civilization

The Transhuman civilization was the neohuman civilization of the Transhuman Era, a civilization of effective immortals that created the Monoliths, colonized nulspace, and discovered the Nexus. (e)

Transhuman Echo

A period when tech is fully functional, which occurs (somewhat unpredictably) at intervals after the fall of the Transhumans. As versus Interregnum (or Darkage). (e)

Transhuman Era

The period when humanity made its greatest achievements, including the creation of the Monoliths and the establishment of the Nexus structures interconnected via nulspace ley lines. (e)


The transhuman civilization that is the progenitor of the civilizations in the Nexus. The exact circumstances behind the fall of the Transhumans is not known, but it is rumored that some of the Powers still living were alive during height of the Transhuman Civilization. (e)

Transhumans, the

A general term for the transhuman civilization that predates the civilization of the Nexus. (e)


A common form of a matrix used for one handed weapons or tools. (e)


A zeppelin is a lighter than air craft with a rigid adamantium structure containing the vacuum lift cells. As versus blimp or balloon. (e)


Failure to jump or jack in (to an off-space), being thrown back to ones starting point, being forced to start over. (e)



Ecologue faction (AoL group)

Template:Ecologue faction (AoL group) (e)

Intrepids, the (AoL group)

Template:Intrepids, the (AoL group) (e)


Waking Dream (AoL ship)

Template:Waking Dream (AoL ship) (e)

Yvonne Verde (AoL ship)

Template:Yvonne Verde (AoL ship) (e)

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