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Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe

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Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe is a science fiction audio theater production produced by the ZBS Foundation, written by Thomas Lopez. The series was originally syndicated to radio in episodes approximately five minutes long, but later released as half-hour episodes to radio stations.

The original series has spawned several sequels. To date, seven Ruby series have been released, the most recent in October 2006.

Laura Esterman played Ruby in the pilots and the original series. Karen Young starred in the second series as "Ruby Too", another version of the protagonist. Esterman returned to the role from Ruby 3 onwards, but is credited as Blanche Blackwell.

Ruby has been broadcast in 23 countries, including Canada (on CBC), England (on BBC) and Australia (on ABC). Ruby entered Science Fiction's Audio Hall of Fame for Best Science Fiction of 1982.[1]

Ruby Series

Ruby is hired by Rodant Kapoor to find out who is manipulating reality.
Ruby Two is hired to find out who is windowing the Bulldada.
Part One: The Underworld
Part Two: The Invisible World
Part One: The Moon Coins of Sonto Lore
Part Two: The Turban of El Morya
Part Three: Dark Night of the Reptoids
Part Four: Mad Moon for Rubina
Ruby is hired by the President Koonstar Bootstar to find out who created the Land of Zoots, a fantasy land that has stated to be made real by the inhabitants of the Awakening Archipelago.
Ruby is hired by Oop Boop, an Illuboo from the planet Illuboo Roi, to uncover members of the Illuboo secret society, the Illusionati.
Ruby, Teru, Kapoor, and And/Or are hired to investigate the royal tomb of Far Flung Farouk.

Ruby Pilots

The pilot for the Ruby series. Ruby Tuesday is hired by Colonel Abulah Abdullah to find out who has stolen Cleo, a small planet from Saudi Asteroidia in the Middle Eastern star cluster. Her only lead is the the Advanced Fulcrum Magnetic Works of Fong on the planet of Dong-A-Long, who while previously unknown have recently appeared with highly sophisticated technology to move large asteroids around for easy mining.
Ruby Star is hired by Kapoor to locate "Mr. X", an earthling.

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