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Robert L. Forward

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Dragon's Egg Series

Rocheworld Series



Future Magic discusses possible future applications of Skyhooks and gravitational rings amongst other technologies, including a plan by Hughes aircraft for a potential flying saucer.

Dr. Forward also wrote many articles in scientific journals and filed many patents, mainly while working for Hughes Aircraft.

Bibliography from ISFDB

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Fiction Series

   Dragon's Egg
       1 Dragon's Egg (1980)
       2 Starquake (1985)
       Dragon's Egg/Starquake (1994) [O/1,2] 
       1 The Flight of the Dragonfly (1984) also appeared as:
           Variant Title: Rocheworld (1990) 
           Magazine Appearances:
           Rocheworld (Part 1 of 3) (1982)
           Rocheworld (Part 2 of 3) (1983)
           Rocheworld (Part 3 of 3) (1983) 
       2 Return to Rocheworld (1993) with Julie Forward Fuller
       3 Marooned on Eden (1993) with Martha Dodson Forward
       4 Ocean Under the Ice (1994) with Martha Dodson Forward
       5 Rescued from Paradise (1995) with Julie Forward Fuller 


   Martian Rainbow (1991)
   Timemaster (1992)
   Camelot 30K (1993)
   Saturn Rukh (1997) 


   Indistinguishable from Magic (1995) 


   Mirror Matter: Pioneering Antimatter Physics (1988) with Joel Davis
   Future Magic (1988) 

Short Fiction Series

   Probability Zero
       Self-Limiting (1992) 


   The Singing Diamond (1979)
   I Demand the Stars for My Children! (1979) [only as by Susan Lull ]
   The Cerebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras III (1981) with Martha Dodson
   Twin Paradox (1983)
   Acceleration Constant (1986)
   IIXXT- (1988)
   Fading Into Blackness (1988) [also as by Dr. Robert L. Forward ]
   A Matter Most Strange (1989)
   New Colonists' Guide to Mars (1991)
   Race to the Pole (1995)
   Turn Left at the Moon (1995) 

Essay Series

   Science Fact (Analog)
       Far Out Physics (1975) [only as by Dr. Robert L. Forward ]
       Exploring Infrastellar Space (1977) [only as by Dr. Robert L. Forward ]
       A Taste of Dragon's Egg (1980)
       Spin Drive to the Stars (1981)
       Flattening Spacetime (1983)
       The Negative Matter Space Drive (1990)
       Polesitters (1990)
       Faster-Than-Light (1995) 
   Science (Science Fiction Age)
       Faster than light space travel will someday be more than just SF. (1994) with Geoffrey A. Landis and Gregory Benford and John G. Cramer
       Forget SF's magical warp drives. Can today's science give us the stars for real? (1995) with Geoffrey A. Landis and David Brin and Jonathan V. Post 
       A Very Heavy Touchstone (1986) 


   Pluto Is Black! (1962) also appeared as:
       Variant Title: Pluto, Doorway to the Stars (1962) [as by George Peterson Field ] 
   Interstellar Probes and Starships (1977) [only as by Dr. Robert L. Forward ]
   Goodbye Gravity (1979)
   Einstein's Legacy (1979)
   Letter (Locus #222) (1979)
   On the Tenth of Apollo 11 (1979)
   Antimatter Revealed (1979)
   Speculations on the Spirit (1979)
   Comet Catcher (1980)
   How to Build a Time Machine (1980)
   Technical Appendix (Dragon's Egg) (1980)
   Life on a Neutron Star (1980)
   Alien in Our Seas (1981)
   High Wire Act (1981) with Hans Moravec [only as by Robert L. Forward and Hans P. Moravec ]
   Breakthroughs: Antimatter Rockets (1982)
   The Paradox of the Torch Ship (1984)
   The Paradox of Interstellar Transport (1985)
   When Science Writes the Fiction (1986)
   Magic Matter (1987)
   Introduction (Future Magic) (1988)
   Lightsails to the Stars (1990) with Joel Davis
   Letter (Locus #352) (1990) [only as by Dr. Robert L. Forward ]
   Letter (Locus #377) (1992)
   Future Speculations (1995)
   Space Warps and Time Machines (1995)
   Black Holes (1995)
   Antigravity (1995)
   Starships (1995)
   Beanstalks (1995)
   Antimatter (1995)
   Introduction (Indistinguishable from Magic) (1995)
   Ad Astra! (2003)
   Ad Astra! (2003)

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