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In The Red Rook, Penny confronts her doubts about becoming a superhero as events around the disappearance of one her school mates unfolds.
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RR Glossary

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The Red Rook (cover).png
You don't get to choose what piece you are, only how you play the game...

You'd think that being stronger and tougher than everyone else at Centurion High would go down in the plus column. And it had, as far as the athletic crowd was concerned. Enough that the jocks forgave Penny for her preference to hang out with a small clique notorious for being hardcore board-gamers and role-playing eggheads. But it seemed like a small consolation.

Maybe it's because Penny just wants to be appreciated for her brains rather than her brawn. Or maybe she hangs out with the nerds because of Michael. Michael—her childhood best friend and the boy-next-door—certainly appreciates Penny for her smarts—and maybe, sometimes, she wants him to appreciate her for more than that. Penny's been spending a lot of time with Michael recently, helping him to take up his dead father's superhero identity. Besides, despite Michael being a straight up genius, he's "common sense" challenged.

If that wasn't enough, Penny's superhero mother has ramped up her passive-aggressive campaign to convince Penny to take up the mask and start crime fighting; her two younger sibs—almost as strong and tough as Penny—are superhero crazy; a series of mysterious attacks seems to be targeting Penny directly; and her other best friend is dating Michael. (e)

Glossary of Terms

The year that the Nova Genesis alternate history branched from ours.
Short for Supernova 1947A.
3D projector
Three dimensional or holographic display projector.
Acme Pest Control
The name of the company most commonly found on the side of the Dispenser’s Mobile Command Center.
Aegis Team
A team of superheroes consisting of the Dispenser, Lady Lightning, Silver Archer, and Tsunami. It broke up in 1974 after the death of Lady Lightning. Subsequently, Silver Archer and the Dispenser joined the Nova League and Tsunami retired.
African Explorers---Which Way to Opar? (tm)
A board game of African exploration during the 19th century. The interior of Africa is generated and drawn in with crayons as the players seek the lost city of Opar.
Agent Sellers
A shape-shifting government agent sent by the Family Protective Division to replace Mike Gurick after his death (in his secret identity as the Dispenser) and help deflect suspicion that Mike Gurick was the Dispenser.
An acronym for artificial intelligence.
Someone or something not descended from Earth life, typically a Galactic.
Alpha Centauri Boulevard
A major road in Galacticity.
American Hemisphere Geosynchronous Power Transmission Array (AHGPTA)
A set of solar power transceiver satellites in geosynchronous orbit supplying microwave beamed power to the Chippewa OPRA (among other power receivers in North, Central, and South America.
American Hemisphere Powers Treaty
A treaty intended to lay out and legitimize a set of powers internationally. It is a response by the U.S. Congress to the Olympic Riots of 1984.
A robot with a humanoid shape.
A Tool Master supervillain.
Shorter alternative to antigravity.
antigravity (anti-grav)
Galactitech that negates gravity.
Archer, The
See Silver Archer.
Archive, The
A museum and trophy room for the Aegis Team, the Dispenser, and Silver Archer.
A mega-structure that is a self-sufficient city, containing residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sections.
Arcology, The
The Galactics’ arcology, or self-contained city, dropped into southern Lake Michigan, April 1st, 1948.
Arcturus Way
A street in Star Estates.
artificial intelligence (AI)
An artificial intelligence, or AI, is a machine (possibly biological) or computer-based intelligence approaching or surpassing human intelligence. There are three known non-Galactic AIs on Earth: Bootstrap, Daedalus, and Wells.
Astral Agent
A member of the Astral Agents superhero group sponsored by the Galactics. Every Astral Agent has an Astral Orb through which the Agent derives his or her powers.
Astral Orb (or Orb)
A Galactitech device issued to and used by Astral Agents.
An acronym for Autonomous Tactics and Communications System.
Autonomous Tactics and Communications System (ATACS)
A software system intended to automate the role of Tactical Coordinator.
balloon grenade
One of the Dispenser’s weapons.
Bang Galore
A cyborg supervillain. She is a member of the Demolition Squad.
Baron Atom
A supervillain.
Another term for the Dispenser’s armored and pneumatic powered supersuit.
A large type of robot in the Robotic Horde.
Berserker Princes and Blood Moon Alters (tm)
A two or three player fantasy board game featuring the invasion of a religious empire into a region controlled by fiercely independent clans.
An abbreviation for biological metric, or vital statistic, such as pulse or blood pressure.
Black Lagoon Dojo
A martial arts training facility run by A.J. Fox (the retired superhero Tsunami). It is located in Galacticity not far from Lake Michigan.
Blow Monkey
The Dispenser’s stealth hovercraft.
One of the three known non-Galactic artificial intelligences on Earth.
Brain Trust, The
A superhero. Member of the Galacticity Nova League.
Superslang for a super who is tough and strong.
British Ballistics
A UK-based international transportation company.
C.Y. Network (C.Y.N.)
A TV network with a predominately news oriented programming. They are in the Earth First camp politically, while deploring any Earth First terrorism.
camera wand
A telescoping wand with a camera on one end and a HermesNet node.
cape tugger
Derogatory superslang for a superhero fan.
Captain Fusion
A superhero.
A festival celebrated around the world on February 9th by the survivors of Supernova 1947A, and is something like Mardi Gras with a bit of Day of the Dead mixed in.
Centurion High School (CHS)
The Galacticity high school that Michael, Penny, Kim, and Cleo attend.
A cyborg supervillain. He is a member of the Demolition Squad.
Charon Aerospace
One of Doc Styx’s many corporations.
chest icon
A superhero’s or supervillain’s symbol prominently displayed on their supersuit’s chest, and not-infrequently, on their cape or back.
An animal or plant that is a genetically mixed with another species of animal or plant.
Chippewa OPRA
Short for Chippewa Orbital Power Receiver Array.
Chippewa Orbital Power Receiver Array (Chippewa OPRA)
A large array of microwave reception towers capturing power beamed from American Hemisphere Geosynchronous Power Transmission Array, and anchored in Lake Michigan’s Chippewa basin.
An acronym for Centurion High School.
City-States of Prospero (tm)
A multi-player board game involving player diplomacy, recruiting neutrals city-states, mercenaries, magicians, and various other exotic units.
A civilian, as in, they have no powers and are “innocent by standers.”
cold fusion
Fusion that doesn’t produce significant quantities of neutrons.
cometary rain
Another term for the Ice Fall.
An abbreviation for communication link, including radio and laser transceivers.
Cosmic Bowling (tm)
A kind of bowling similar to bumper bowling, but much more interactive. Reminiscent of old-style pinball.
Cosmic Bowling Station
A bowling alley in the Starlight Marina. Known for its kid-friendly Cosmic Bowling.
Cosmic Diplomacy (tm)
A multi-player semi-cooperative board game involving variably powered alien races (one per player) attempting to acquire bases on each others planets and space habitats using military and diplomatic methods.
Cowl, The
A bar notorious for catering to low-powered superheroes and supervillains.
Of, or pertaining to computers.
Cyber City (tm)
A company that sells mass-market versions of superhero gear and gadgets, such as exoskeletons, smartmasks, supersuits, utility belts, etcetera.
A human-machine combination.
One of the three known non-Galactic artificial intelligences on Earth.
Superslang for a someone who isn’t as tough as a brick.
Demigods (tm)
A multi-player board game featuring demigods recruiting various kinds of monsters and using them to recruit even tougher monsters and to combat the monsters of the other player demigods.
Demolition Squad (The Squad)
A supervillain team created by Doctor M and composed of the four cyborgs: Bang Galore, Chainsaw, Dragline, and Wreckingbar.
A supervillain.
Dial H
Superslang for doing it by yourself or becoming a superhero.
One of the Flying Daggers.
Dispenser, The
A Tool Master superhero. Before Mike Gurick’s death in 1984, the Dispenser was a member of the Nova League. Former member of the Aegis Team. Michael Gurick has taken up his father’s identity as the Dispenser.
Short for Doc Styx.
Doc Styx (Doc)
Doc Styx is a public identity superhero and sole owner of Styx Enterprises. He is a founding member of the Nova League.
Doctor M
A Generation Zero supervillain. He is the most notorious nemesis of the Nova League.
Doctor M’s Robotic Horde
An army of robots created and controlled by Doctor M.
A cyborg supervillain. She is a member of the Demolition Squad.
Dragon’s Teeth
A code name for one of the Dispenser’s defensive systems made up of dozens of full-sized balloon decoys of the Dispenser.
Drumlin Androids
An android manufacturer based in Galacticity.
Dungeon Inglorious
The role-playing dungeon run by Max, a friend of Michael, Penny, and Kim.
A supervillain and member of Mirage.
A retired superhero. Co-founder of HyperDyn Health and Fitness Emporium.
Earth First
An organization known for its radical stance on sending the Galactics packing and returning Earth to Earthlings.
Earth Firster
A member of the Earth First group.
Earth tech
Technology whose lineage does not include Galactitech.
A first generation supervillain.
An acronym for “electromagnetic pulse.”
encounter room
A large room with various equipment (some automated) for practicing and developing team combat skills.
Enhanced Mental Powers Act
A law passed by the U.S. Congress in the wake of the Watergate telepath scandal intended to govern the use (and abuse) of mental powers, particularly telepathy.
Exoskeleton (X-K)
An external, power assisted skeleton. Exoskeletons are used to enhance an individual’s strength, or allow someone to walk that would otherwise be wheelchair bound.
First Generation
Superheroes born with powers or created directly after Supernova 1947A.
Fist Full of Spells (tm)
A board game featuring wizards competing against each other in a (deadly) game of “capture the chests” played out on modular hexagonal boards representing a dungeon-like maze.
Flying Daggers
A superhero team composed of Dirk and Stiletto
One of the Dispenser’s chemicals, noted for the toughness of its resulting foam.
A first generation supervillain.
An acronym for Faster Than Light.
FTL gate
A portal connecting two locations allowing instantaneous transition. FTL gates are the primary form of FTL travel by the Galactics.
An acronym for a Galactics’ ID. A Galactitech identification system, mostly used by superheroes to ensure their identity is not used by someone else.
A UPCS classification.
An alien. Less frequently, someone with Galactic Citizenship.
Galactic Bounty Hunter 4 (tm)
A first-person shooter computer game.
Galactic Chic
A fashion in vogue at the end of 1970s and early 1980s, renown for a lot of silver and gold lamé, multicolored fringe, and beanies.
Galactic Citizen
An alien or human with Galactic Citizenship.
Galactic Citizenship
The status of a citizen of the galaxy. Some supers have become Galactic Citizens in order to cut their ties with Earth governments.
Galactic Sentinel
A Galactic and superhero. Arrived on Earth in 1947.
Galacticity (GC)
Galacticity, or GC, is a city on the south eastern shores of Lake Michigan, established in 1948 shortly after the arrival of the Galactics’ Arcology.
Galacticity Galleria
A multistory mall located in the norther suburbs of Galacticity.
Galacticity General
The oldest hospital in Galacticity.
Galacticity Guardian
One of the two largest newspapers in Galacticity.
Galacticity Library
See Galacticity Nova Genesis Memorial Library.
Galacticity Metro Edison (GCME)
The primary (electrical) power production company in Galacticity.
Galacticity Nova Genesis Memorial Library
Galacticity’s main library.
Galacticity Powered Detention Center (GPDC)
A supervillain prison located at the bottom of Lake Michigan west of Galacticity.
Galacticity Transit Authority
The controlling authority for mass transit in Galacticity and environs.
Galacticity University (GU)
The largest university in Galacticity.
The galaxy spanning culture composed of a diverse collection of aliens.
Technology from the Galactics.
An acronym for Galacticity.
GTA Metrotransit
A subdivision of Galacticity Transit Authority.
An acronym for Galacticity Television.
Generation One
First generation supers, primarily those born (or created) between 1947 and approximately 1959.
Generation Two
Second generation supers, primarily those with one or more parents (or creators) that are First Generation supers.
Generation Zero (GZ)
Supers created directly as a result of the 1947A supernova, the cleanup, and the arrival of the Galactics, predominantly cyborgs, chimeras, and aliens.
An acronym for Galacticity Metro Edison.
An acronym for Galacticity Powered Detention Center
A supervillain, best known for his hijacking of the entire United Nations building with the UN delegates still inside. Graviton placed the UN building in Earth orbit and held everyone inside hostage.
An antigravity based elevator.
A Galacticity radio station, known for it’s cutting edge rock music.
Acronym for Galacticity Transit Authority.
An acronym for Galacticity University.
A character from Mars Wars.
Acronym for Generation Zero.
A location on a supersuit or vehicle intended for attaching devices or weapons.
A supervillain and member of Mirage.
Heads Up Display (HUD)
A display system projected onto clear surface in front of the viewer, such as a windshield or faceplate.
A small helicopter drone.
The Greek god of blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire, and volcanoes
A wireless distributed networking protocol or hardware.
An acronym for Heads Up Display.
A hypernaut superhero based out of New York.
HyperDyn Health and Fitness Emporium (tm)
A chain of health food bars and athletic clubs.
A retired superhero.
A super who has the power of speed.
A supersense.
I Am Legion
An anonymous blog, frequently featuring events at Centurion High, but also focused on superhero and supervillains in Galacticity.
An acronym for International Ballistic Shipping.
Ice Fall
The rain of comet ice containing the Galactics’ repair nannites.
Imperial Retaliation
The second movie in the Mars Wars series, released in 1980.
International Ballistic Shipping (IBS)
A global shipping company.
inTouch (tm)
A popular model of cell phone with a touch screen.
A supervillain. She is currently incarcerated.
An acronym for Joint Authentication Superidentification Open Net.
A strap-on rocket backpack.
Joint Authentication Superidentification Open Net (JASON)
An open standards identification system. It can interface with the G.I.D.
Karth Adder
A villain in the movie series Mars Wars.
A specific series of martial arts moves.
Kill Switch
A supervillain. He assassinated President John F. Kennedy in 1963.
A psionic superhero with telekinetic powers. He is a member of the Nova League.
A supervillain.
Kissing Creek
A teen lovers’ lane frequented by CHS students.
Knights of the 64 Squares
A chess club at Galacticity University.
Lab, The
The laboratory complex centered under Michael’s house in Star Estates.
Lady Lightning
A superhero. Former member of the Aegis Team. Deceased.
League, The
Short for Nova League.
A psionic superhero partnering with the Dispenser.
To rise vertically or float in one location via telekinesis. A psionic power.
Light Master
A first generation supervillain.
linear accelerator
A device that accelerates objects down a set of rails via electromagnetism.
Magician, The
A superhero. He is a member of the Nova League.
Mallet, The
A minor supervillain known to frequent the Cowl.
Man in Black
One of the Men in Black.
Mars Wars
A series of fantasy movies. The first, called Mars Wars, came out in 1977. It’s darker, edgier sequel, Imperial Retaliation, was released in 1980. The third and concluding film, Radium Knights Ascendent was released in 1983.
Martial Arts Live!
A magazine.
Master Mind
A UPCS classification indicating a complex and deep thinker.
An acronym for Mobile Command Center.
Medical kit.
An artificial material engineered to have properties that may not be found to occur naturally.
A kind of armor composed of an extremely fine, extremely tough wire.
Midnight Grey
A superhero.
Mind Fire
A psionic superhero.
A supervillain group.
Mobile Command Center (MCC)
A mobile command center, or MCC, is a communications and control hub installed in a vehicle.
Mobile Powers Containment Unit (MPC Unit)
A police squad trained to take supers into custody and transport them.
Mobile Powers Containment Vehicle (MPCV)
A Mobile Powers Containment Vehicle is a vehicle designed to transport supers and operated by an MPC Unit.
molecular edge
Molecular edge An edge a single molecule thick, thus extremely sharp.
A single molecular strand.
monomolecular wire
A single molecular strand, extremely strong, and capable of cutting through extremely tough substances.
MPC Unit
An abbreviation for Mobile Powers Containment Unit.
Acronym for Mobile Powers Containment Vehicle.
A human or animal with altered genetics.
The smallest unit of nanotechnology capable of independent action.
Repair by nanotech devices, particularly by the Galactics’ nannites include in the Ice Fall or cometary rain after the failure of the Shield and the subsequent damage imparted by Supernova 1947A.
A cyborg created by Galactitech nannites. As with nearly all macro-scaled powered Galactitech, nanoborgs use v-taps for energy.
Short for nanotechnology.
Acronym for North American Satellite Power Transmission Authority.
Nebula Galleria
A shopping mall in the Galacticity suburbs.
A superhero. She is a member of the Nova League.
Next Nova
A film production company.
Nine Princes
A movie produced by Next Nova and released in 1985. Based on Roger Zelazny’s Nine Princes in Amber.
A covert agent or mercenary in feudal Japan who specialized in unorthodox warfare.
A supervillain and member of Mirage.
An acronym for Nova League Tactical Support Specialist, pronounced “nolts.”
North America Weather Control
An international agency in charge of the weather control aerostats and satellites over the North America.
North American Satellite Power Transmission Authority (NASPTA)
An energy utility corporation. They own and manage the Chippewa OPRA and American Hemisphere Geosynchronous Power Transmission Array.
Nova Day
See Nova Genesis Day.
Nova Genesis
A term used to refer to February 3rd, 1947, when Supernova 1947A impinged on Earth, or the milieu that followed.
Nova Genesis Day
February 3rd, the day commemorating Supernova 1947A.
Nova Genesis Memorial Plaza (Nova Genesis Plaza)
One of Galacticity’s main plazas.
Nova Genesis Plaza
See Nova Genesis Memorial Plaza.
Nova League (The League)
The largest and most prominent superhero group on Earth. It operates predominantly in North America and its main headquarters are in Galacticity.
Nova League Tactical Support Specialist (NLTSS)
The Nova Leagues official title for Tactical Coordinators.
Nova League Tower
The main headquarters of the Nova League.
A weapon based on the Japanese rice flail. Two short pieces of wood or metal attached together by a short length of rope or chain. More of a danger to the wielder than the target for the untrained.
Olympic riots
After the Olympic Committee’s nullification of the awarding of medals to powered athletes during the 1984 Summer Olympics, the citizens of the U.S., Mexico, and to a much lesser extent, Canada rioted in protest.
Operation E.N.D. Run
A plot formulated and carried out by superheroes to remove nuclear weapons from Earth.
An acronym for
Short for Astral Orb.
Orpheus Information Systems (Orpheus IS)
One of Doc Styx’s corporations.
Orpheus IS
Short for Orpheus Information Systems.
Paladin, The
A superhero and Galactic.
PCC Division
An acronym for Powers Containment and Control Division.
An acronym for Powers Investigation, Control, and Security Enforcement Agency.
A derogatory, superslang term for a member of PICSEA, or Powers Investigation, Control, and Security Enforcement Agency.
pneumatic pogo
A fire pole–like device that is a one-man elevator. There are two pneumatic pogos connecting Michael Gurick’s house to the Lab, the other Penny Rigg-Armstrong’s house to the Lab.
See pneumatic pogo.
A super ability or characteristic. Typically derived from a mutation, cyborg enhancement, Galactitech, or a great of deal of training.
power armor
A sealed suit of armor incorporating strength augmentation.
Powered Detention Center
A prison for supers.
Powers Containment and Control Division (PCC Division)
A government organization in charge of imprisoning superpowered individuals.
Powers Investigation, Control, and Security Enforcement Agency (PICSEA)
An arm of the U.S. government responsible for monitoring and tracking supers as well as performing various law enforcement duties related to supers.
Powers Oversight Committee
A U.S. Senate committee focused on supers.
Short for precognition. The ability to predict the future.
Proxima Drive
The street that Michael and Penny live on. It’s located in Star Estates, in the suburbs east of Galacticity.
Abbreviation for psionic.
A device for measuring psionic abilities.
An alternative term for psionic shield.
A corporation that manufactures psionic related gear, including the Telepathic Alert 2000.
A supervillain and member of Mirage.
A mental power or ability.
psionic energy
Energy generated by psionic activity.
psionic shield
A device or psionic power that blocks psionic activity.
An active response to psionic energies. For example, some psionotropic materials glow in the presence of psionic activity.
public identity
A superhero (or supervillain) who does not maintain a secret identity.
purple piss
Superslang for a useless power. To say someone is “pissing purple,” is to say they aren’t doing anything useful.
Quantum Kid
A supervillain and member of Mirage.
Ragnarok City (tm) (RC)
A board game involving an AI-controlled supertank, the Ragnarok Machine, attacking a heavily defended city.
Ragnarok Commander
A computer game featuring squad level combat of power armored infantry in the Ragnarok City world.
Ragnarok Machine (RM)
An AI supertank unit from the board game Ragnarok City.
Ragnarok Robots
Robots, similar to the Robotic Horde, and one of the primary opponents in Ragnarok Commander.
Short for Ragnarok City.
Red Rook, The (Rook)
A superhero.
Short for Ragnarok Machine.
Robotic Horde
Short for Doctor M’s Robotic Horde.
Short for the Red Rook.
A town in New Mexico where the first recorded contact between Earth humans and Galactics occurred shortly after Supernova 1947A.
Roswell Crash
The crash of a Galactics’ spaceship in Roswell not long after the Shield failed and the Supernova 1947A cosmic rays arrived.
Route 66
A 1950s themed restaurant
An acronym for Role Playing Game, or Rocket Propelled Grenade.
An acronym for Supplemental Strategic Super Powers Initiative.
An acronym for Silhouette and Supersuit Recognition Agent.
Satellite Tower
A skyscraper in Galacticity, owned by North American Satellite Power Transmission Authority.
An acronym for Supers Crime Unit.
Second Generation
See Generation Two.
secret identity
A non-public identity maintained by most superheroes and supervillain with the intent of protecting their family and relatives.
Shaolin Secrets
A magazine.
Shield, The
The system constructed by the Galactics to block the Earth from the effects of Supernova 1947A.
A star-shaped throwing knife.
Silhouette and Supersuit Recognition Agent (SaSRA)
A computer program capable of matching a silhouette or supersuit to a database in order to identify the super. Similar to face recognition software.
Silver Archer (The Archer)
A superhero and member of the Nova League. Former member of the Aegis Team. She is a brick.
SimOlympus (tm)
A computer game based around playing a Greek god helping a village become a city-state.
Glue on a rectangle of tough material.
A sidewalk that pedestrians along, common in the Arcology.
An advanced form of mask capable of, among other things, mimicking the facial movements of the wearer.
An acronym for Superhero News Network.
Radio transmissions that use multiple and shifting frequencies.
A terahertz-based scanner capable of penetrating many opaque substances.
A spy camera.
Squad, The
Short for the Demolition Squad.
Star Dock Convenience Store
A convenience store.
Star Estates
A suburb where Michael, Penny, and Kim live. It’s located northeast of Galacticity.
Star Wisp
A kind of Galactics’ starship designed to travel slower than the speed of light.
Starlight Cafe
A coffee shop at Starlight Marina.
Starlight Marina
An open air mall on Lake Michigan, including an actual marina as well as shops and cafes.
Steel Vortex
A superhero and member of the Nova League.
A superhero and one half of the Flying Daggers.
Strong Man (tm)
A line of exoskeletons sold by Cyber City.
Styx Enterprises
The top level Doc Styx corporation.
Someone with powers.
A super powered assassin.
Short for superidentity.
A super powered criminal.
A fan of supers.
One of the Dispenser’s weapons.
Someone with powers who fights crime.
Superhero News Network (SNN)
A cable TV news channel that focuses on the superhero world.
Superhero Vigilante Act (SVA)
A law enacted by U.S. congress to give, among other things, the legal basis for superhero crime fighting independent of the local police.
A human with superpowers.
Superidentity (super-ID)
The persona, including supersuit, of a super. Legally recognized to be independent of any secret identity.
Supernova 1947A
The first supernova of 1947, whose wavefront reached Earth on February 3rd, 1947, and the event that branched the Nova Genesis alternate history from ours. 1947A occurred close enough to Earth to destroy all life, but due to the intervention of the Galactics, life on Earth was saved.
A magazine focused on gossip about superheroes and supervillains.
Superpizza (tm)
A pizza delivery chain.
A power or ability not normally enjoyed by a human.
Supers Crime Unit (SCU)
An arm of law enforcement equipped and/or enable to operate against supers. Similar to SWAT.
Supers Registry
A list of supers and their known powers. Maintained by the Nova League.
A scientist whose scientific abilities, at least in part, derive from their superpower.
Slang used by or about supers.
The “costume” worn by a super. Also known as superwear.
Someone with superpowers who commits crimes.
Another term for supersuit.
Supplemental Strategic Super Powers Initiative (S3PI)
An initiative to recruit and use supers for the strategic defense of the U.S. and NATO.
A synthetic skin, commonly used in medical applications.
An acronym for Tactical Commander.
Tactical Coordinator (T.C.)
Someone who helps a super (or a combat squad) by monitoring the super and providing tactical support. T.C’s nearly always operate remotely.
A super.
Telekinesis, or TK, is the ability to move things with your mind. A psionic power.
Someone who has the power of telekinesis. A psionic power.
Someone who has the power of telepathy.
Having or using the power of telepathy.
Telepathic Alert 2000 (tm)
A device for detecting telepathic activity manufactured by PsiCorp.
The ability to read minds. A psionic power.
telepathy blocker
A drug that blocks telepathic powers.
The ability to shift from one location to another without moving through the intervening space. A psionic power.
Another term for, and preferred over, Earthling.
Things in the Saucer Tomb, The (tm)
A board game involving the exploration of a downed flying saucer in the Antarctic.
Titan, The
Usually short for Titanium Titan.
Titanium Titan (The Titan)
A superhero and member of the Nova League. He is classified as a Tool Master under the UPCS.
An abbreviation for telekinesis.
Tool Master
A UPCS classification for scientist-engineer.
Tough Guy (tm)
The brand name of a type of armor sold by Cyber City.
transit pod
A small, automated vehicle running on rails. Part of the mass transit system in Galacticity.
A superhero. He is a former member of the Aegis Team. Retired.
Unified Powers Classification System (UPCS)
A system established by the U.S. government to classify supers.
An acronym for Unified Powers Classification System.
V-tap (vacuum-tap)
Galactitech that makes the universal vacuum energy available for use. A powerful energy source used by nanoborgs and most other macro-scale Galactitech devices that require power.
An electronic voice transformation system. Often used to disguise a person’s voice.
An acronym for Vertical Take Off and Landing.
A drug, similar in effect to a combination of caffeine and adrenalin.
Wall Shadow
A supervillain and member of Mirage.
WatchMe dot com
A popular website for posting videos.
Weather Master
A supervillain.
One of the three known non-Galactic artificial intelligences on Earth.
Wild Hunt, The
A supervillain group.
A member of a group (some would argue a religious in nature) that considers the Galactics saviors of the human race and Earth who should be treated with the utmost respect.
A cyborg supervillain. He is the leader of the Demolition Squad.
Abbreviation for exoskeleton.
ZamboniBot (tm)
A robot for clearing snow.
Zap Burgers (tm)
A hamburger and fries style fast food chain.
Zircon Man
A superhero. He works for Wolverine Dispatch and Security Services.

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