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ParaV:Parallel Visions Glossary

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Vance Coreman wakes after an assassination attempt without his memory in a bathtub full of ice water and a strange woman standing over him. Trapped in a version of the 1940s inhabited by angels and demons, Coreman is driven to action by events set in motion prior to his memory loss. Plagued with strange visions, Coreman sets off across the dual city seeking clues to his past and who wants him dead. (e)

Parallel Visions Glossary

A glossary for Parallel Visions. (e)


A&D City

A&D City is short for the City of Angels, City of Demons realm. It's an urban fantasy version of 1940s Los Angeles. (e)

Adaptive Mimetic Boosted Reality (AMBR)

Template:Adaptive Mimetic Boosted Reality (ParaV) (e)


Template:ADE (e)

Autonomous Design Element (ADE)

Template:Autonomous Design Element (ParaV) (e)


Acronym for Artificial Intelligence. (e)


AR is an acronym for Augmented Reality. (e)


AMBR ("amber") is an acronym for Adaptive Mimetic Boosted Reality system. (e)


An android is a humanoid or animal-oid robot. (e)


Architects are the main conceptualizers of the various realms in the future Earth of Parallel Visions. They oversee the construction and renovation of realms and the development of new features within AMBR. A group of the most powerful and influential Architects have formed the Council of Architects to regulate and manage all Architect activities. (e)


City of Angels, City of Demons

City of Angels, City of Demons, or A&D City, is an urban fantasy version of 1940s Los Angeles realm. It was designed by the Architect Vance Coreman and includes some restrictions on allowed vocabulary. A number of realms are directly accessible from A&D City, including the Pleistocene Plateau and the Olympian Realm. (e)

Coreman, Vance

Vance Coreman is the main character of the Parallel Vision series starting with the novel Parallel Visions: City of Angels, City of Demons. (e)

Council of Architects

Template:Council of Architects (e)








Radium Age Mars (realm)

Template:Radium Age Mars (realm) (e)


RAT is a pejorative acronym Radical Anti-Technologist or Rejected A Ticket. (e)


A realm in AMBR is setting which may or may not be physically contiguous, unified by a consistent set of rules. (e)


Template:(paraV) (e)



ParaV Glossary

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ParaV Glossary

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