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Panpsychism is crazy, but it’s also most probably true (link)

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Comment:The main issue I see here is the generalization of observation without regard for context. The idea that consciousness (I'm not going to go into what "consciousness" means except that it seems to exist in biological systems with complex neural subsystems that we attribute by observed behavior) can be projected on any material thing (and why are leaving out energy things, like photons?) on the basis they interact with other material things is to ignore the question of how this consciousness exists. While it can not be definitively answered that consciousness exists in complex biological systems, it does seem to have an operational platform (i.e. the complex neurological systems). This "platform" is wholly philosophical in non-neurological systems. (While it is useful to think about non-consciousness systems like thermostats as having intent, desires, etc., we shouldn't loose sight of that this is a thinking tool.) Does it even matter if consciousness exists in things that don't seem to have any interactivity with the rest of the universe, never had, and never will?

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