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In The Red Rook, Penny confronts her doubts about becoming a superhero as events around the disappearance of one her school mates unfolds.
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Read free chapters of The Red Rook here (or get it here). -- Fritz Freiheit

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Key concepts for writers

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Key concepts

  • Tell a good story
  • Leave room for the reader to breathe life into the story, because until they do, the words are just ink on paper
  • Critiques are to help the other writers to write their story, not turn it into your story
  • Publishing is not a zero-sum game
  • Writing rules are really writing advice
  • Think about what you are writing and the words you use
  • The experience of writing is distinct from the experience of reading
  • The readers experience is more important than the writer's experience
  • Every writer's process is unique, writing advice about process may not work for you
  • There's a difference between writing for yourself and writing for others
  • Reading is crucial to writing
  • Just because another writer is successful in their approach (or technique, or etc) to writing doesn't mean that approach will work for you
  • Just because another writer says they are successful because of their approach (or technique, or etc) doesn't mean that approach is why they are successful


  • The responsibility for telling the story is entirely with the writer, if a reader doesn't get it or doesn't like it, the writer has failed.

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