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Jasper Fforde

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Jasper Fforde

    Jasper Fforde is a novelist living in Wales. He is the son of John Standish Fforde, the 24th Chief Cashier for the Bank of England, whose signature used to appear on sterling banknotes, and is cousin of Desmond Fforde, married to author Katie Fforde. His early career was spent as a focus puller in the film industry, where he worked on a number of films including Quills, GoldenEye, and Entrapment.

His published books include a series of novels starring Thursday Next: The Eyre Affair (2001), Lost in a Good Book (2002), The Well of Lost Plots (2003), Something Rotten (2004) and First Among Sequels (2007). The Big Over Easy (2005), which shares a similar setting with the Next novels, is a reworking of his first written novel, which initially failed to find a publisher. It had the working title of Nursery Crime, which is the title now used to refer to this series of books. The follow-up to The Big Over Easy, The Fourth Bear was published in July 2006 and focuses on Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


Bibliography from ISFDB

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Fiction Series

   Dragonslayer / The Chronicles of Kazam
       1 The Last Dragonslayer (2010)
       2 The Song of the Quarkbeast (2011)
       3 The Eye of Zoltar (2014) 
   Nursery Crimes
       1 The Big Over Easy (2005)
       2 The Fourth Bear (2006) 
   Shades of Grey
       1 Shades of Grey: The Road to High Saffron (2009) 
   Thursday Next
       1 The Eyre Affair (2001)
       2 Lost in a Good Book (2002)
       3 The Well of Lost Plots (2003)
       4 Something Rotten (2004)
       5 First Among Sequels (2007)
       6 One of Our Thursdays is Missing (2011)
       7 The Woman Who Died a Lot (2012)
       A Thursday Next Digital Collection: Novels 1-5 (2011) [O] 


   Author's Note (Something Rotten) (2004)
   Credits (Something Rotten) (2004)
   Dramatis Personae (Something Rotten) (2004)
   Introduction (The Sirens of Titan) (2006)

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