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In The Red Rook, Penny confronts her doubts about becoming a superhero as events around the disappearance of one her school mates unfolds.
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Greg Bear

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Collection of Short Stories


The Eon Series

The Forge of God series

Second Foundation Series

Songs of Earth and Power

  • The Infinity Concerto (1984)
  • The Serpent Mage (1986)
  • Songs of Earth and Power (1994 - combines The Infinity Concerto and The Serpent Mage)

Star Trek: The Original Series

  • Corona (1984)

Man-Kzin Wars

Star Wars

Queen of Angels

A group of novels featuring a shared history and some common characters.

Non-series Novels

Bibliography from ISFDB

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Fiction Series

       1 Darwin's Radio (1999)
       2 Darwin's Children (2003) 
   Forge of God
       The Forge of God (1987)
       Anvil of Stars (1992) 
   Foundation Universe
       Second Foundation Trilogy
           2 Foundation and Chaos (1998) 
       Forerunner Saga
           1 Halo: Cryptum (2011)
           2 Halo: Primordium (2012)
           3 Halo: Silentium (2013) 
   Quantum Logic
       1 Quantico
           1 Quantico (2005)
           2 Mariposa (2009) 
       2 Queen of Angels
           1 Queen of Angels (1990)
           2 Heads (1990) [SF] also appeared as:
               Heads (Part 1 of 2) (1990)
               Heads (Part 2 of 2) (1990) 
           3 Moving Mars (1993)
           4 / (1997) also appeared as:
               Variant Title: Slant (1997) 
   Songs of Earth and Power
       The Infinity Concerto (1984)
       The Serpent Mage (1986)
       Songs of Earth and Power (1992) [O/1,2] 
   Star Trek Universe
       1 Star Trek: The Original Series
           Corona (1984)
           Star Trek (1989) [O] with Janet Kagan and Jean Lorrah and Diane Carey
           Star Trek (1992) [O] with Howard Weinstein and J. M. Dillard and Carmen Carter 
   Star Wars Universe
       Star Wars: Episode I
           Rogue Planet (2000) 
   The Foreworld Saga
       1 The Mongoliad: Book One (2012) with Mark Teppo and Cooper Moo and Neal Stephenson and Nicole Galland and Erik Bear and Joseph Brassey
       2 The Mongoliad: Book Two (2012) with Mark Teppo and Cooper Moo and Nicole Galland and Joseph Brassey and Erik Bear and Neal Stephenson
       3 The Mongoliad: Book Three (2013) with Erik Bear and Neal Stephenson and Joseph Brassey and Mark Teppo and Cooper Moo and Nicole Galland 
       The Wind from a Burning Woman (1978) [SF]
       The Way of All Ghosts (1999) [SF]
           1 Eon (1985)
           2 Eternity (1988)
           3 Legacy (1995)
           Eon & Eternity (1999) [O/1,2] 


   Hegira (1979)
   Psychlone (1979) also appeared as:
       Variant Title: Lost Souls (1982) 
   Beyond Heaven's River (1980)
   Strength of Stones (1981)
   Blood Music (1985)
   Dinosaur Summer (1998)
   Vitals (2002)
   Dead Lines (2004)
   City at the End of Time (2008)
   Hull Zero Three (2010)
   War Dogs (2014) 


   The Wind from a Burning Woman (1983) also appeared as:
       Variant Title: The Venging (1992) 
   Early Harvest (1988)
   Tangents (1989)
   Bear's Fantasies (1992)
   The Collected Stories of Greg Bear (2002)
   W3: Women in Deep Time (2003) also appeared as:
       Variant Title: Women In Deep Time (2008) 
   Sleepside: The Collected Fantasies (2004) also appeared as:
       Variant Title: Sleepside Stories (2011) 


   Hardfought / Cascade Point (1988) with Timothy Zahn
   New Legends (1995) with Martin H. Greenberg
   Multiverse: Exploring Poul Anderson's Worlds (2014) with Gardner Dozois 


   Sleepside Story (1988)
   Heads (1990)
   Sisters (1992)
   Hardfought (2011) 

Cover Art

   Cover: H. G. Wells: Critic of Progress (1973) also appeared as:
       Variant Title: H. G. Wells: Critic of Progress (cover) (1973) 
   Cover: Kings of Horror (1975)
   Cover: The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, August 1976 (1976)
   Cover: Galaxy Science Fiction, April 1977 (1977)
   Cover: Psychlone (1988) 

Interior Art

   ... And He Built a Crooked House (1976)
   Sun-Planet (1977)
   Sun-Planet [2] (1977)
   Sun-Planet [3] (1977)
   Sun-Planet [4] (1977)
   Something About Michael Bishop (1978)
   Hegira (map) (1979)
   If I Die Before I Wake (1980) 

Short Fiction Series

   Tales of Known Space
       Man-Kzin Wars
           The Man Who Would Be Kzin (1991) with S. M. Stirling 


   Destroyers (1967) [also as by Greg D. Bear ]
   Webster (1973)
   Perihesperon (1975)
   The Venging (1975)
   A Martian Ricorso (1976)
   Sun-Planet (1977)
   Scattershot (1978)
   Mandala (1978)
   The White Horse Child (1979)
   Richie by the Sea (1980)
   If I Die Before I Wake (1980)
   Eucharist (1981)
   Strength of Stones, Flesh of Brass (1981)
   Petra (1982)
   Schrödinger's Plague (1982)
   Hardfought (1983)
   Blood Music (1983)
   Through Road No Wither (1985)
   Through Road, No Whither (1985) also appeared as:
       Variant Title: Through Road No Whither (1985) 
   Dead Run (1985)
   Tangents (1986)
   The Visitation (1987) also appeared as:
       Variant Title: Visitation (1989) 
   The Forge of God (excerpt) (1987)
   Sleepside Story (1988)
   Sisters (1989)
   Perihesperon (rev 1992) (1992)
   The Venging (rev 1992) (1992)
   Anvil of Stars (excerpt) (1992)
   Jet vs. Sam the Sailor Sheep (1992) with Roz Gibson
   A Plague of Conscience (1992) also appeared as:
       Variant Title: Plague of Conscience (1992) 
   Moving Mars (excerpt) (1993)
   Judgment Engine (1995)
   The Fall of the House of Escher (1996) also appeared as:
       Variant Title: Fall of the House of Escher (2013) 
   Foundation and Chaos (excerpt) (1997)
   MDIO Ecosystems Increase Knowledge of DNA Languages (2215 C.E.) (2000)
   Deep Ice and DNA Languages (2000)
   Darwin's Radio (excerpt) (2002)
   Dead Lines (excerpt) (2004)
   Quantico (Excerpt) (2005)
   RAM Shift Phase 2 (2005)
   Warm Sea (2010)
   Halo: Rebirth (2014) with Erik Bear
   Genius (2014) 


   The moon is filled with women (1978) 

Essay Series

   Locus Looks at Books
       Locus Looks at Books: Divers Hands (Locus #569) (2008) 


   Arthur Machen: Master of Fantasy (1974)
   The Space Theatre (1974)
   Letter: (F&SF, August 1976) (1976)
   Letter (Analog, March 1977) (1977)
   Future Vision (1977)
   Saturn! (1980) with Azenath Hammond and Joe Haldeman and Gregory Benford and Sharman DiVono
   Gray Flannel Spacesuits: Do We Have Any Business in Space? (1982)
   Preface (The Wind from a Burning Woman) (1983)
   Theodore Sturgeon: In Memoriam (1985)
   Note e ringraziamenti (L'ultima fase) [Italian] (1987)
   Galactic Checks and Balances: An Introduction to The Forge of God (1987)
   Alien (1988)
   Cyberpunk Forum/Symposium (1988)
   Fahrenheit 451--A 1984 with Hope (1988)
   Introduction (Early Harvest) (1988)
   Memorial Service for Ted Sturgeon (1988)
   Raiders of the Lost Ark - On the Side of the Angels (1988)
   Spiritless Night in Room 502 (1988)
   Superman: Leaping Over the Changing Decades (1988)
   The Ayatollah of Dune (1988)
   The Machineries of Joy (1988)
   The Shining (1988)
   Robert A. Heinlein Appreciation (1988)
   Introduzione dell'autore all'edizione italiana (L'ultimatum) [Italian] (1988)
   Letter (Locus #334) (1988)
   Introduction (Tangents) (1989)
   Introduction to "The Machineries of Joy" (1989)
   About His Novelette "Sisters" (1990)
   Introduction (The Snow Queen) (1990)
   Farewell to Voyager: Almost the Grand Tour (1990)
   Note e ringraziamenti (La melodia infinita) [Italian] (1990)
   Ray Bradbury: Ambassador to the Future (1990)
   Afterword (Songs of Earth and Power) (1992)
   On Losing the Taint of Being a Cannibal (1992)
   Preface to Two Early Stories (The Venging) (1992)
   Remembering Robert Heinlein (1992)
   Prolog (Anvil of Stars) (1992)
   Washington Transformed: The Radical Future of the Northwest (1993)
   A.Y.1 (1994)
   Letter (Locus #405) (1994)
   Introduction (New Legends) (1995)
   Old Legends (1995)
   Afterword (New Legends) (1995)
   Comments: Blood Music (1995)
   Characters Great and Small in SF: "Sisters" (1996)
   / Afterword (1997)
   Note e ringraziamenti (La musica del sangue) [Italian] (1997)
   What's Real, and What's Not (1998)
   Psychoshop: SF Jazz, B to Z (1998)
   Short Glossary of Scientific Terms (Darwin's Radio) (1999)
   Jim Turner: An Appreciation (1999)
   Greg Bear (Transluminal) (1999)
   Introduction (Heads) (1999)
   Afterword (Darwin's Radio) (1999)
   Introduction (A Case of Conscience) (2000)
   Introduction (Reality Dust) (2000)
   A Short Biological Primer (2000)
   Speech: Guest of Honor, Millennium Philcon 59th World Science Fiction Convention—2001 (2001)
   Introduction (Science Fiction: 101) (2001)
   Introduction (The Last War: A World Set Free) (2001)
   Memories of Poul (2001)
   Introduction: The Blank Space (2002)
   Fantasy Summer (2002)
   About the Author (Blood Music) (2002)
   Notes and Acknowledgments (Blood Music) (2002)
   Appendix (The Collected Stories of Greg Bear) (2002)
   Letter (Locus #500) (2002)
   Doctors of the Mind: Effective Mental Therapy and Its Implications (2002)
   Robert L. Forward (2002)
   Introduction (W3: Women in Deep Time (2003) also appeared as:
       Variant Title: Introduction (Women In Deep Time) (2008) 
   Virginia Heinlein (2003)
   In a Word, Clement (2003)
   A Special Introduction (Odyssey) (2004)
   Introduction: On Losing the Taint of Being a Cannibal (2004)
   Science Fiction Museum: Comments (2004)
   Introduction (The Immortals) (2004)
   Introduction (King Kong) (2005)
   Introduction (Little Machines) (2005)
   Elizabeth Chatter (2005)
   Introduction (Off the Main Sequence: The Other Science Fiction Stories of Robert A. Heinlein) (2005)
   After Note (Quantico) (2006)
   Jack Williamson (2007)
   (Letter to Robert A. Heinlein) (2007)
   Dear Sir Arthur (C. Clarke, Letter) (2008)
   Sir Arthur C. Clarke (2008)
   Forrest J Ackerman (2009)
   Poul Anderson (2009)
   Afterword (Warm Sea) (2010)
   Appreciation (The High Crusade) (2010)
   Multimedia Fiction (2011)
   Foreword (Of Dust and Soul) (2011)
   Ray Bradbury (2012)
   Afterword (Nolan on Bradbury) (2013)
   A Tribute (The Book of Silverberg: Stories in Honor of Robert Silverberg) (2014)
   C. J. Cherryh: Dancing on the Edge of the Dark (2014) with Gardner Dozois
   David Brin: Latecomers (2014) with Gardner Dozois
   Eric Flint: Operation Xibalba (2014) with Gardner Dozois
   Gregory Benford: Bloodpride (2014) with Gardner Dozois
   Harry Turtledove: The Man Who Came Late (2014) with Gardner Dozois
   Introduction: My Friend Poul (2014)
   Jerry Pournelle (2014) with Gardner Dozois
   Larry Niven: The Far End (2014) with Gardner Dozois
   Nancy Kress: Outmoded Things (2014) with Gardner Dozois
   Raymond E. Feist: A Candle (2014) with Gardner Dozois
   Robert Silverberg: Christmas in Gondwanaland (2014) with Gardner Dozois
   S. M. Stirling: A Slip in Time (2014) with Gardner Dozois
   Stephen Baxter: The Lingering Joy (2014) with Gardner Dozois
   Tad Williams: Three Lilies and Three Leopards (And a Participation Ribbon in Science) (2014) with Gardner Dozois
   Terry Brooks: The Fey of Cloudmoor (2014) with Gardner Dozois 


   Year Million (2008) by Damien Broderick 


   Greg Bear: The Universal Library (2008)

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