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In The Red Rook, Penny confronts her doubts about becoming a superhero as events around the disappearance of one her school mates unfolds.
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Fritz Freiheit

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Author, SF fan, husband, father, and software developer, not necessarily in that order.


I'm a writer who has made good (bad?) as an author-publisher after more than a decade of unpublished work. After many years of reading, I decided to try and to publish my first novel and a handful of short stories (all of which are set in the same world) in the traditional manner. This didn't work out. I wrote my second novel, Dispensing Justice (DJ), and after receiving a number of rejections (some of them encouraging), I decided to self-publish in late summer of 2011. By early December Dispensing Justice was available as an ebook, and the paperback followed in the first quarter of 2012. I've continued writing, and my third novel (2nd published, sequel to DJ) The Red Rook has gone live as both an ebook and print on Amazon. I'm currently working on my 4th and 5th novels.

My writing can be described as action-adventure SF that harks back to the golden age of space opera, but with a strong dose of modern SF, drawing from the sub-genres cyberpunk and the new space opera. My first published novel (as versus my first novel, which is a far-future transhuman action-adventure caper story) is an alternate history science fiction superhero coming of age story. It's sequel is also alternate history science fiction superhero story. I'm currently working on an urban fantasy novel with a SF twist, as well as a Doc Savage inspired novel in an "atomic punk" alternate history setting.

I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan and can be found in local book stores trying to avoid adding to my library or online puttering around on this wiki.

My last name, if you were wondering, is pronounced "Fryheight" and it means 'liberty' or 'freedom' in German.

Send me a message using this wiki page or you can email directly me at this address: fritz (at) acm (dot) org
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Fritz's writing




My first memories are of watching the Lone Ranger and JFK's funeral on TV. I discovered Heinlein in my middle school library, and have been avidly consuming SF and fantasy, sometimes to the detriment of my grades and social life, since then. I graduated from East Lansing High School, Michigan, in 1977, but my taste in music didn't crystallize until 1985 when I found myself in Los Angeles, recruited to write a Japanese language parser after spending a year in Japan working for Sumitomo Electric. A decade after that I graduated from the University of Michigan with a Masters of Science in Artificial Intelligence and got married. It would be another decade before I finished my first novel. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan where I irritate my wife and daughter by listening to 80's music.

I self-published my debut novel Dispensing Justice in December of 2011. I am preparing to publish it's sequel, The Red Rook, in May of 2013.

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What I've been reading recently

2016 Reading[edit]

2016 totals so far[edit]

Type Finished Continued Started Stopped Abandoned
Audiobooks: 85 0 1 0 3
Graphic novels: 8 0 0 0 0
Books: 5 0 1 0 0
Audio short stories: 86 0 0 0 0
Short stories: 10 0 1 0 0
Lecture: 1 0 0 0 0

November 2016[edit]

The Fractal Prince (cover).jpg
The Fractal Prince (2012)
by Hannu Rajaniemi
Jean le Flambeur #2
search amazon

  • "The Shadow Passes"
  • "Bramley Is So Bracing"
  • "Up from the Depths"
  • "Feet of Clay"
  • "Excelsior"
  • "Rodney Has a Relapse"
  • "Tangled Hearts"
  • "Birth of a Salesman"
  • "How's That, Umpire?"
  • "Success Story"
Neuromancer (cover).jpg
Neuromancer (1984)
by William Gibson
Sprawl trilogy #1
Kindle, Paperback, Audio
(full cast,reread,finished,audio,book)

  • "Palace Revolution" (1962 short story) (reread,finished,short story)
  • "Policy" (1962 short story) (reread,finished,short story)
  • "Aide Memoire" (1962 short story) (reread,finished,short story)
  • "Cultural Exchange" (1962 short story) (reread,finished,short story)

October 2016[edit]

  • "The Tank of Terror" -- (finished,short story)
Real Tigers (cover).jpg
Real Tigers (2016)
by Mick Herron
search amazon
Real Tigers was a great example of bait and switch. I expected a thriller that showed how a bunch of losers in the MI5 overcome their situation in a, well, thrilling way. Alas, what I read was a slow (it took an hour before the first hint of a plot showed up) grinding rendition of how broken the characters were. Grinding, because the struggles of characters to deal with their issues lasted pages. That's right pages. This is a great example of how not inject a literary sensibility into a non-literary genre. This book was so off-putting and depressing that, like a bad case of indigestion puts one off eating, I had to take a long break from reading. <sarcasm>Thanks, Mick Herron.</sarcasm> (e)
  • "The Tank of Terror" -- (started,short story)
  • "The Diving Dead" -- (finished,short story)
  • "The Man with Two Left Feet"
  • "A Sea of Troubles"
  • "The Romance of an Ugly Policeman"
  • "Black for Luck"
  • "One Touch of Nature"
  • "The Making of Macs"
  • "At Geisenheimer’s"
  • "Crowned Heads"
  • "The Mixer"
  • "Wilton’s Holiday"
  • "Extricating Young Gussie"
  • "Bill the Bloodhound"

  • "The Diving Dead" -- (started,short story)
I have mixed feelings about Seven Wonders. While it was a reasonable incarnation of superhero fiction, some of the plot / character twists weren't convincing. The most egregious of these was the Cowl's abandoning of his evil ways to become a good guy and member of the Seven Wonders. There just wasn't enough foundation to make it believable. I also felt that, given the extra-legal, if not simply evil behavior of the Seven Wonders should have lead to some "karmic retribution". (e)

September 2016[edit]

August 2016[edit]

  • "Trail of the Apache" -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "Only Good Ones" -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "Blood Money" -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • Twenty Years After -- (started,book,audio)

  • "Saint with a Six-Gun" -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "Three-Ten to Yuma" -- (finished,short story,audio)

July 2016[edit]

Forty Thieves -- (finished,book,audio) I had one major plot bump (and it happened twice) when late in Forty Thieves the Hoyts have a chance to carry out a surprise attack the Abels when they leave one of the diamond thieves gang's house, but choose not to give no compelling reason to let them go. This was followed by the a similar chumminess between the two sides in the climatic scene. Neither of which I really accepted. (e)
The Affinities -- (finished,book,audio) I almost stopped reading The Affinities due to a serious lack of visible plot. I kept going and finished it, but overall I was disappointed. The plot was weak, mostly a us-vs-them, and concluded on an ambivalent and unsatisfactory note. Not a book I would recommend. (e)
Abaddon's Gate -- (finished,book,audio) Abaddon's Gate, like the other Expanse novels so far, was slow and disappointing. I would describe it as old-school Space Opera, but not in a good way. Set centuries in the future, the technology is merely near future (except for the aliens, and their technology is indistinguishable from magic). I continue to have issues with the technology (or the failure there of) conveniently making some scenes more exciting. Blah. Ultimately, I can't recommend it, or the rest of the series. (e)

June 2016[edit]

  • "Sealed Orders" (1962 short story) (reread,finished,short story)
  • "Protocol" (1962 short story) (reread,finished,short story)

Gladiator (1930 novel) (cover).jpg
Gladiator (1930)
by Philip Wylie
Kindle, Paperback

Vicious (2013 novel) -- (abandoned,book,audio) Soooo much telling! It took a third of the book before we got to the origins of the main characters. Way too much description of internal state and motivations. So much that I almost stopped reading, but I'm not quite ready to give up yet.

Update: A bit over halfway through and I have to take a break.

Update 2: The break has turned into an abandon. Can't bring myself to go back and finish the book. I have too many other books to read. (e)
AlterWorld: Play to Live, Book 1 -- (finished,book,audio) Recommendation: Skip (unless you want to read about how a character leveled in a MMORPG)
AlterWorld: Play to Live was dragged down by being nearly plotless and an excessive reliance on cliches (and I mean a lot of cliches). (e)

May 2016[edit]

Strange Detective Mysteries 1, October 1937 (cover).jpg
Strange Detective Mysteries 1 (1937)
by Various
  • "The Miracle Murder Case" by George Armin Shaftel -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "Madame Murder - and the Corpse Brigade" by Paul Ernst -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "Patents for Dr. Death" by Arthur Leo Zagat -- (finished,short story,audio)

Only Superhuman (cover).jpg

In the opening paragraph of The Unnoticeables, the narrator goes to great effort to state that he isn't one for metaphor to reinforce his statements as true. Then proceeds in later paragraphs to extensively use metaphors. Update: The deliberate shock factor went ramped up dramatically. On top of not believing the character's response to the horror of what she was seeing (to accepting and blase by far) I felt like I was being deliberately poked with the "gore" and "sick sex" stick, so I'm done with this novel. (e)

Quick Service (cover).jpg

  • "Idiot's Coffin Keepsake" by Norbert Davis -- (finished,short story,audio)

  • "The Headman's Hat-Box" by Wayne Rogers -- (finished,short story,audio)

April 2016[edit]

  • "When the Death-Bat Files" by Norvell W. Page -- (finished,short story,audio)
Strange Detective Mysteries 1, October 1937 (cover).jpg
Strange Detective Mysteries 1 (1937)
by Various

Orphan X (cover).jpg
Orphan X (2015)
by Gregg Hurwitz
search amazon

Six of Crows (cover).jpg
I liked Six of Crows, but was thrown out of the story by modern terminology every so often and this developed into a strong sense of inconsistency between the fantasy worldbuilding and references to 20th and 21st century terms and sensibilities. While the world appeared to be 19th century, terms like cargo container, tank (as in armored fighting vehicle), and scientist intruded. The magic also seemed to be simply a label that was applied to psionic powers. Which is fine, but with the anachronisms in use, it would have worked better to make the world a secondary science fiction one set in an alternate 20th century, albeit one where an alternate history starting sometime before the middle ages, possibly during Roman times. (e)
Slaves of Sleep has one of the most boring opening chapters I can remember reading. The prologue is a sort of lecture and the first few chapters cover the mundane life of the (poor little rich boy) main character. It does pick up and becomes a pretty good weird-ish action adventure story (despite a strong Mary Sue vibe). (e)
Six of Crows (cover).jpg

Slayground (cover).jpg
Slayground (1971)
by Richard Stark
search amazon

The Unnoticeables (cover).jpg
The Unnoticeables (2015)
by Robert Brockway
Kindle, Paperback, Audio

  • "The Core" (1942) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "Return from M-15" (1941) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "Forgotten Tongue" (1941) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "Interference" (1941) -- (finished,short story,audio)

The Unnoticeables (cover).jpg
The Unnoticeables (2015)
by Robert Brockway
Kindle, Paperback, Audio

  • "Dead Center" (1941) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "Dimension of Darkness" (1941) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "No Place to Go" (1941) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "King Cole of Pluto" (1940) -- (finished,short story,audio)

March 2016[edit]

  • "The Events Leading Down to the Tragedy" (1958) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "Sir Mallory's Magnitude" (1941) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "The Remorseful" (1953) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "Everybody Knows Joe" (1953) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "Make Mine Mars" (1952) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "The Advent on Channel Twelve" (1958) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "Virginia" (1958) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "The Last Man Left in the Bar" (1957) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "The Only Thing We Learn" (1949) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "MS. Found in a Chinese Fortune Cookie" (1957) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "What Sorghum Says" (1941) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "The Little Black Bag" (1950) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "I Never Ast No Favors" (1954) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "Friend to Man" (1951) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "The Cosmic Charge Account" (1956) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "Theory of Rocketry" (1958) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "Crisis!" (1942) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "The Altar at Midnight" (1952) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "The Marching Morons" (1951) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "Kazam Collects" (1941) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "The Adventurers" (1955) -- (finished,short story,audio)
  • "The Perfect Invasion" (1942) -- (finished,short story,audio)
Caliban's War (cover).jpg
Caliban's War (2012)
by James S. A. Corey
The Expanse #2
Kindle, Paperback, Audio

5 SF stories by Mack Reynolds


Deathworld (cover).jpg

February 2016[edit]

Deathworld (cover).jpg

The Rolling Stones (novel) (cover).jpg

Rewinder (2014 novel) (cover).jpg
Rewinder (2014)
by Brett Battles
Kindle, Paperback, Audio

Lazarus, Vol. 4- Poison (cover).jpg
Lazarus, Vol. 4: Poison (2016)
by Greg Rucka, Michael Lark (Illustrator), Owen Freeman (Cover Artist)
Lazarus #4
Kindle, Paperback
(finished,graphic novel)

Indexing (2013 novel) (cover).jpg
Indexing (2013)
by Seanan McGuire
Kindle, Paperback, Audio

Lazarus, Vol. 4- Poison (cover).jpg
Lazarus, Vol. 4: Poison (2016)
by Greg Rucka, Michael Lark (Illustrator), Owen Freeman (Cover Artist)
Lazarus #4
Kindle, Paperback
(started,graphic novel)

Early on (approx. 20% of the way through) in A Beautiful Friendship I became irritated with the preachy delivery and the main character being considered strictly honest (by herself and her parents) but this honesty did not extend to withholding information. While I can see this as being a sort of honest, it's rather disingenuous and (did I mention?) annoying. Don't think I can put up with this much more, so I won't be pursing the sequel. (e)
Bombs Away (cover).jpg
Bombs Away (2015)
by Harry Turtledove
Kindle, Audio

January 2016[edit]

A Man of Some Repute (cover).jpg
A Man of Some Repute (2015)
by Elizabeth Edmondson
Kindle, Paperback, Audio

Elantris (cover).jpg

Armada (2015 novel) (cover).jpg
Armada (2015)
by Ernest Cline
Kindle, Paperback, Audio

Zero World (cover).jpg

Nowhere Men, Vol. 1- Fates Worse Than Death (cover).jpg
Nowhere Men, Vol. 1: Fates Worse Than Death (2013)
by Eric Stephenson (Writer), Nate Bellegarde (Illustrator)
Kindle, Paperback
(finished,graphic novel)

Zero World (cover).jpg

The Well of Lost Plots (cover).jpg
The Well of Lost Plots (2003)
by Jasper Fforde
Thursday Next #3
Kindle, Paperback, Audio

Lost in a Good Book (cover).jpg
Lost in a Good Book (2002)
by Jasper Fforde
Thursday Next #2
Kindle, Paperback, Audio

Nowhere Men, Vol. 1- Fates Worse Than Death (cover).jpg
Nowhere Men, Vol. 1: Fates Worse Than Death (2013)
by Eric Stephenson (Writer), Nate Bellegarde (Illustrator)
Kindle, Paperback
(continued,graphic novel)


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