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Exposition paragraph into dialogue example from "The Shaper's Daughter"

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The original exposition paragraph (from The Shaper's Daughter):

Emerging from a comprehensive mammalian 
Shaping sim at eleven o'clock, she 
grabbed a lunch packed by Henri, the 
Shaped lemur who managed the kitchen 
biots, and started on her daily three 
hours of physical training. Today it was 
an excursion out to Monk Falls and back. 
Even including a leisurely lunch 
overlooking the Falls it was a round 
trip that she could easily run within 
the alloted time. It was one of her 
favorite runs as the Falls provided a 
magnificent vista. She would sit 
watching the Monk River tumbling over 
the edge of the mesa and disappearing 
into a white cloud of mist as it broke 
up long before it reached the jungle far 
below. On a clear day she could even 
make out Fear Mesa jutting up out of the 
dense lowland jungle, the next mesa 
north in the archipelago.

As dialogue:

Shortly before eleven Trinette emerged 
from a comprehensive mammalian Shaping 
sim and padded into the kitchen, her 
moccasins silent on the organic 
composite floor. "Henri?" she called 

Henri swung down from one of his perches 
and leapt to land lightly on the counter 
next to her. "Ah, Mistress Trinette! You 
are going on a run perhaps, and are 
looking for a little sustenance from 
Henri?" the Shaped silver and black 
lemur said in his high pitched voice. 

Trinette smiled. The ritual was the same 
everyday. "If you wouldn't mind Master 

"Oh, no bother, no bother," Henri said 
as he signaled a kitchen biot, a 
nameless, roughly human shaped golem 
that was the result of one her mothers 
early experiments. It trundled over to 
the cooler and disappeared within. 

"Where are you going this fine day, 
Trinette? Perhaps to Rennie Lake or 
maybe the Tom Tom Caves?" 

As Henri chattered he swung over to an 
inverted step pyramid projecting down 
from the ceiling. It glowed with a warm 
light indistinguishable from the sun's. 
Each step was a shelf from which grew a 
bewildering chaos of fruit and 
vegetables in various states of 

"I was thinking I would run out to Monk 
Falls," Trinette replied. 

The biot returned from the cooler and 
started to prepare sandwiches at the 

"Ah, ah, Monk Falls, you say? One of 
your favorites, I think," Henri said as 
he plucked several pink and yellow 
apples from the pyramid then leapt 
gracefully to the shoulder of the biot. 
"Rimbaldi is always waxing eloquent 
about their beauty. Of the magnificence 
of the vista. Someday I will have to 
accompany the two of you there. By the 
way, where is the old chap? It is not 
like him to be far from you for long." 

It took a moment for Trinette to respond 
as the memory of watching the Monk River 
welled up within her. Like all her 
memories, if she was not careful to 
suppress or filter them, it came back as 
nearly a full sensoria. For a moment she 
found herself re-experiencing it, back 
on the sun warmed rock, breathing in the 
rich scents of the forest and river bank 
while watching the Monk River tumble 
over the edge of the mesa with a muted 
roar. It disappeared into a white cloud 
of mist and an arching rainbow as it 
broke up long before it reached the 
jungle far below. In the distance, out 
across the jungle choked lowlands, she 
could just see Fear Mesa, the next mesa 
north in the archipelago, jutting up 
like a distant castle wall. 

Shutting down the memory sensoria she 
replied: "He is with Mother. Presumably 
reviewing the rest of today's lessons." 

"And what have you been studying this 

"Still doing the higher mammalian 
Shaping, but Mother says I am about 
ready to move on to humans." 

"Humans? That is wonderful news. Soon 
you will be Shaping yourself," Henri 
said as he directed the biot to pack the 
lunch into a pouch. "But you were in a 
sim all morning? Do you want me to pack 
extra water? I know how sims can 

"No, no, that won't be necessary." 

"You drank enough when you unjacked, 
then?" Henri said solicitously. 

"Oh, yes. Rimbaldi reminded me." 

"Good, good. Here I will pack you some 
electrolyte gum." The biot reached into 
a drawer and pulled out a handful of 
gray wafers and as it handed them to 
Henri it clumsily dropped a few. Henri 
patted the biot affectionately before 
deftly scooping up the wafers from the 
counter and placing them in the pouch. 

"Thank you, Henri." Sometimes Trinette 
wondered when Henri was going to get 
tired of the old kitchen biots and have 
them replaced with her mother's current 
models. The newest ones would never have 
dropped the gum. In fact, they were 
quite capable of plucking the falling 
wafers from the air. This would have 
been obvious to Henri if he had attended 
one of her combat practice sessions with 
the golem biots, and seen the testament 
to their speed written on her in bruises 
and broken bones. But she knew he would 
never trade the old biots in. 

"Don't mention it. I will have a snack 
prepared for your return. You will be 
back by 2:00, I presume?" 

"Yes, that would be great! Definitely by 
2:00," Trinette responded as she scooped 
up the lunch pouch and headed for the 
door. There would be more than enough 
time to make the round trip in three 
hours, including a leisurely lunch 
overlooking the Falls. "See you later," 
she said with a little wave. 

"Fair you well," Henri replied and he 
directed the biot to start preparing 
lunch for the Shaper. 

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