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I followed a link in my network this morning and ended up on the wiki exploring They Wasted A Perfectly Good Plot which lead to all sorts of good fun. I've been visiting for a while now, having found their plot and narratology related entries quite useful. What I haven't been doing is looking at TvTropes from the opposite perspective. Starting with Jeeves and Wooster, which lists the tropes (among others) [Accidental Engagement], [The Jeeves], and [Upper Class Twit]. I went on from their to explore some of my favorite web comic (Girl Genius and Schlock Mercenary), TV (The Venture Brothers and Alias), movies (Blade Runner and Die Hard), and SF (Amber series, Doc Savage, Lensman series, Perry Rhodan series Snow Crash, and the Uplift series). So, check out Try looking up one your favorites and read about all the tropes that other people see in those favorites.

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Blog posted:2008/10/05



Also see list of lists of tropes. -- Fritz 14:19, 18 August 2010 (UTC)


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