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In The Red Rook, Penny confronts her doubts about becoming a superhero as events around the disappearance of one her school mates unfolds.
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NGW:Dispensing Justice Glossary of Terms

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Dispensing Justice (cover).png
When high school freshman Michael Gurrick's father is killed by supervillains, he takes up his father's supersuit and seeks justice (or will it be vengeance?) against his father's killers. (e)

A glossary for Dispensing Justice (the first Nova Genesis World novel).



1947 is the year that the Nova Genesis alternate history branches from ours with the arrival of the shock wave from the nearby supernova 1947A and the intervention by the Galactics to save life on Earth. (e)


1947A is short for the Supernova 1947A. (e)


Acme Pest Control

The name of the company on the side of the Dispenser's Mobile Command Center. (e)

Aegis Team

A team of superheroes consisting of the Dispenser, Lady Lightning, Silver Archer, and Tsunami. The team broke up in 1974 after the death of Lady Lightning and the retirement of Tsunami. (e)

Agent Psmith

A famous psionic secret agent movie character. (e)

Agent Sellers

Agent Sellers works for Family Protective Division of the U.S. Secret Services. He was sent to temporarily replace Michael's father Mike after his death at the hands of the Demolition Squad in order to protect Mike's secret identity. (e)


Acronym for Artificial Intelligence. (e)


An alien is someone or something not descended from Earth life. In Nova Genesis World, all Galactics are aliens and vast majority of aliens on Earth are Galactics. (e)

American Super Football League

The American Super Football League (ASFL) is a football league whose players are supers or near-supers. (e)


An android is a humanoid or animal-oid robot. (e)

Android Assassins vs. Kung-fu Clones (tm)

A board game involving the invasion of a computer controlled fortress by martial arts clones. (e)

angel-wire projector

One of the Dispenser's weapons based on mono-molecular wire. (e)


Galactitech that negates gravity. (e)

Aqua Dome

A Galacticity concert venue, partially submerged in Lake Michigan. (e)

Archer, The

See Silver Archer. (e)

Arcobaleno Rex (superhero)

A European superhero known for his garish costume. (e)


A self-contained city. The largest and most famous arcology in Nova Genesis World is the Galactics' Arcology located in southern Lake Michigan. (e)

Arcology, The

The Galactics' arcology, or self-contained city, dropped into southern Lake Michigan in 1948. (e)

artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI is intelligence derived from non-natural means. Typically the term AI is used to refer machine intelligence or computer intelligencer, but artificial and machine intelligence are not synonymous.
In Nova Genesis World, artificial intelligence has been manifested in a number of ways. The most common form of AI is based on Galactitech. There are three instances of AI that have colonized the Internet, including Boostrap, Daedalus, and Wells. (e)


ASFL is an acronym for American Super Football League. (e)

Astral Agent

A member of the Astral Agents superhero group sponsored by the Galactics. Every Astral Agent has an Astral Orb through which the Agent derives his or her powers. They are Generation Zero. The first Astral Agents appear on Earth in 1947. (e)

Astral Orb

An an Astral Orb, sometimes referred to as an Orb, is a Galactitech device issued / used by Astral Agents. (e)

Atomic Jacks

A restaurant in Galacticity. (e)


Backslash (supervillain)

A supervillain. (e)


One of the Dispenser's weapons. (e)

Bang Galore

A cyborg supervillain. She is a member of the Demolition Squad. (e)

Baron Atom

A supervillain. (e)

Bayside (Galacticity)

A fusion-based electrical power plant run by Galacticity Metro Edison located in Southshore. (e)

Black Lagoon Dojo

A martial arts training facility run by A.J. Fox. It is located in Galacticity not far from Lake Michigan. (e)

Blowback (supervillain)

A supervillain. (e)


One of the Dispenser's weapons. (e)

Brain Trust, The (superhero)

A superhero. Member of the Galacticity Nova League. (e)

brick (slang)

Superslang for a super who is tough and strong. (e)

British Ballistics

A British, international transportation company. (e)


Cape and Banter Improv

A comedy improvisation troop based in Galacticity. (e)

cape tugger

Superslang for superhero fan. (e)

Captain Fusion

A superhero. (e)

Centurion High School

Centurion High School, or CHS, is the Galacticity high school that Michael, Penny, Kim, and Cleo attend. (e)

Cerberus Defense Systems

One of Doc Styx's many corporations. (e)

Chainsaw (supervillain)

A cyborg supervillain. He is a member of the Demolition Squad. (e)

Charon Aerospace

One of Doc Styx's many corporations. (e)


An animal or plant that is a genetically mixed with another species of animal or plant. In Nova Genesis World, chimeras are a the result of nanotech repair deployed during by the Galactics after the cosmic rays from Supernova 1947A impacted Earth. (e)


An acronym for Centurion High School. (e)


Fusion that doesn't produce significant quantities of neutrons. (e)

Cosmic Bowling (tm)

A kind of bowling similar to bumper bowling, but much more interactive. Reminiscent of old-style pinball. (e)

Cosmic Bowling Station

A bowling alley in the suburbs of Galacticity. Known for its kid-friendly Cosmic Bowling. (e)

Cowl, The

A bar notorious for catering to low-powered superheroes and supervillains. (e)

Crash-Foam (tm)

A rapidly expanding foam that absorbs kinetic energy. Invented by Mike Gurick. (e)


A freezer container, usually used to store dead bodies or live ones in suspended animation. (e)


Of or pertaining to computers. (e)

Cyber City

A company that sells mass-market versions of superhero gear and gadgets, such as exoskeletons. (e)

Cyberion (superhero)

A retired superhero and a member of the US government sponsored cyborg squad formed shortly after Roswell to combat the rogue cyborgs. A former identity of Doc Styx. (e)


Cyborg, a mixed biological-artificial organism. In Nova Genesis World, the majority of cyborgs are based on Galactitech. For example, all the members of the Demolition Squad are Galactitech based cyborgs. (e)


Demolition Squad

The Demolition Squad is a supervillain team composed of the four cyborgs: Bang Galore, Chainsaw, Dragline, and Wreckingbar. The were created by Doctor M in 1963 effectively making them Second Generation. (e)

Dispenser, The

A superhero. The Dispenser is a 1st generation superhero and a member of the Nova League, and a former member of the disbanded Aegis Team. His primary power is "enhanced intelligence", making him a Tool Master. Primary UPCS classifications: Power Armor, Gadgeteer, Tool Master, Genius. (e)


Short for Doc Styx. (e)

Doctor M

A supervillain. He is the most notorious nemesis of the Nova League. (e)

Doctor M's Robotic Horde

An army of robots created and controlled by Doctor M. The Robotic Horde attacks humanity periodically, attempting to take control of the Earth. (e)


A duplicate of someone. May be a shapeshifter or a construct. (e)

Dragline (supervillain)

A cyborg supervillain. She is a member of the Demolition Squad. (e)

Dragon's Teeth

A code name for one of the Dispenser's defensive systems. When deployed, a large number of balloon decoy duplicates of the Dispenser in various poses are distributed. (e)

Dungeon Inglorious

The role-playing dungeon run by Max, a friend of Michael, Penny, and Kim. (e)



A radical group seeking to oust the Galactics and return Earth to the humans. (e)


Technology whose lineage does not include Galactitech. (e)

Electrode (supervillain)

A supervillain. (e)

electromagnetic pulse

Template:Electromagnetic pulse (NGW) (e)


An acronym for 'electromagnetic pulse'. (e)

Enhanced ERA

An amendment to the U.S. Constitution ensuring that all sentient citizens of the U.S. have equal rights. (e)


An exoskeleton, or X-K, is an external, power assisted skeleton. Exoskeletons are used to enhance an individual's strength, or allow someone to walk that would otherwise be wheelchair bound. Contrast with power armor. (e)


Family Protective Division

The Family Protective Division, or FPD, is a subdivision of the U.S. Government Secret Services, charged with protecting the spouses and children of superheroes. (e)

First Bank of Terra

The First Bank of Terra is a bank established after the arrival of the Galactics. (e)

First Generation

Superheroes (or supervillains) born with powers or created directly after Supernova 1947A. Most chimeras are First Generation. (e)


An acronym for Family Protective Division. (e)



An acronym for a Galactics' ID. A Galactitech identification system, mostly used by superheroes to ensure their identity is not used by someone else. (e)


A UPCS classification for a super who uses, makes, or is dependent on "gadgets". (e)


An alien. Less frequently, someone with Galactic Citizenship. (e)

Galactic Bounty Hunter 4 (tm)

A computer game. (e)

Galactic Citizen

An alien or human with Galactic Citizenship. Doc Styx became a Galactic Citizen in 1973 forcing the U.S. Government to acknowledge the status of Galactic Citizenship. (e)

Galactic Citizenship

A citizen of the galaxy. Some supers have become Galactic Citizens in order to cut their ties with Earth governments. (e)

Galactic Sentinel

A Galactic and superhero. Arrived on Earth in 1948. (e)


Galacticity, or GC, is a city on the south eastern shores of Lake Michigan, established in 1948 shortly after the arrival of the Galactics' Arcology. (e)

Galacticity Library

See Galacticity Nova Genesis Memorial Library. (e)

Galacticity Metro Edison

Galacticity Metro Edison, or GCME, is the primary (electrical) power production company in Galacticity. (e)

Galacticity Nova Genesis Memorial Library

Galacticity's main library. It is located on Nova Genesis Memorial Plaza. (e)


The Galactics are an interstellar civilization spanning the Milky Way galaxy and made up of a diverse collection of aliens. (e)


Technology from the Galactics. (e)


An abbreviation for Galacticity. (e)


An abbreviation for Galacticity. (e)


An acronym for Galacticity Metro Edison. (e)


Template:GCME (NGW) (e)


An acronym for Galacticity Television. (e)


Template:GCTV (NGW) (e)

Genetics, Transgenetics, and Molecular Research

A journal. (e)


An acronym for Galacticity Metro Edison. (e)


Template:GME (NGW) (e)

Graviton (supervillain)

A supervillain, best known for his hijacking of the entire United Nations building, which he placed in Earth orbit while he held everyone inside hostage. (e)


heads up display

Template:Heads up display (NGW) (e)

Heroes Weekly

A magazine. (e)

Heroic Relations

A public relations firm specializing in superhero PR. (e)

Hijacking, The

Doctor M simultaneously hijacks of every major commercial aircraft in the world in 1971. The Hijacking killed the demand for commercial air flights leading to the development of ballistic sub-orbital commercial transport. (e)


Acronym for Heads Up Display. (e)


A super who has the power of speed. (e)


A supersense. (e)


I Am Legion

A Galacticity news blog by Michael, Penny, and Kim's friend Max. (e)


An acronym for International Ballistic Shipping. (e)

Ice Fall

The rain of comet ice containing the Galactics' repair nanites. (e)


Acronym for Identify Friend or Foe. (e)

International Ballistic Shipping

International Ballistic Shipping, or IBS, is a global shipping company. (e)

inTouch (tm)

A popular model of cell phone with touch screen. (e)

Iodine (supervillain)

A supervillain. (e)




A specific series of martial arts moves. (e)

Kill Switch (supervillain)

A supervillain. He assassinated President John F. Kennedy in 1963. (e)

Kinethis (superhero)

A psionic superhero with telekinetic powers. He is a member of the Nova League. (e)

Kingfisher (supervillain)

A supervillain. He is associated with the Earth First movement. (e)

Kissing Creek

A teen lover's lane used by CHS students. (e)


Lady Lightning (superhero)

A superhero. Former member of the Aegis Team. Deceased. (e)

League, The

Short for Nova League. (e)

Lensark (superhero)

A psionic superhero. (e)


A water-going member of Doctor M's Robotic Hordes. (e)


To rise vertically or float in one location via telekinesis. A psionic power. (e)

Light Fantastic (superhero)

A superhero. (e)

linear accelerator

A device that accelerates objects down a set of rails via electromagnetics. Linear accelerators have come into common use as part of the launch mechanisms for ballistic-flight passenger and postal services since the the Hijacking in 1971. (e)


M, Doctor (supervillain)

A supervillain. He is the most notorious nemesis of the Nova League. (e)

Magician, The (superhero)

The Magician is a first generation superhero and a member of the Nova League. His primary power is the creation and manipulation of "pocket universes". Primary UPCS classifications: Hyperfield Manipulator. (e)

Magnetic Mistress

A superhero. (e)

Mallet, The (supervillain)

A minor supervillain. (e)


One of the Men-in-Black. (e)

Mars Wars

A series of fantasy movies, the first, called Mars Wars, came out in 1977. It's darker, edgier sequel was released in 1983. (e)

Master Mind

A UPCS classification. (e)


Acronym for Mobile Command Center. (e)


A giant robot member of Doctor M's Robotic Hordes. (e)


Agents of the U.S. government. (e)


A kind of armor composed of an extremely fine, extremely tough wire. (e)

Mind Fire (superhero)

A psionic superhero. (e)

Mindspike (supervillain)

A psionic supervillain. (e)

mobile command center

A mobile command center, or MCC, is a communications and control hub installed in a vehicle. (e)

Mobile Powers Containment Vehicle

A Mobile Powers Containment Vehicle, or MPCV, is a vehicle designed to transport supers. (e)

molecular edge

Molecular edge is an edge a single molecule thick, thus extremely sharp. (e)

monomolecular wire

A single molecular strand, extremely strong, and capable of cutting through extremely tough substances. (e)


Acronym for Mobile Powers Containment Vehicle. (e)


A human or animal with altered genetics. In Nova Genesis World, mutants are common (and much less likely to result in detrimental mutations or death) due to the effects of Supernova 1947A and subsequent nanotech-based cleanup by the Galactics (see Ice Fall). Contrast with chimera. (e)



The smallest unit of nanotechnology capable of independent action. (e)


A cyborg created by Galactitech nanites. As with nearly all macro-scaled powered Galactitech, nanoborgs use v-taps for energy. (e)


A cyborg created by Galactitech nanites. As with nearly all macro-scaled powered Galactitech, nanoborgs use v-taps for energy. (e)


Nanotechnology or nanotech is applied technology for manipulating matter at the atomic and molecular level. For the most part, this is Galactitech, but Earth-tech is starting to make in roads in this area. (e)


Template:Neutrino (NGW) (e)

neutrino (sterile)

Template:Neutrino (sterile) (NGW) (e)

Neutrino (superhero)

A superhero. She is a member of the Nova League. Primary UPCS classifications: ... (e)

Nexus War (tm)

A board game of strategic maneuvering and tactical spaceship combat. (e)


A secret agent or assassin in the black-clad medieval Japanese mode. (e)

Nova Day

February 3rd, the day commemorating Supernova 1947A. (e)

Nova Genesis

Nova Genesis is term used to refer to February 3rd, 1947, when Supernova 1947A impinged on Earth, or the milieu that followed. It can also refer to Nova Genesis World. (e)

Nova Genesis Day

February 3rd, the day commemorating Supernova 1947A. (e)

Nova Genesis Memorial Plaza

Nova Genesis Memorial Plaza, sometimes referred to as Nova Genesis Plaza, is one of Galacticity's main plazas. The Nova League's headquarters the Nova League Tower, Galacticity Library, and the UN building are located on the plaza. (e)

Nova Genesis Plaza

See Nova Genesis Memorial Plaza. (e)

Nova Genesis World

Nova Genesis is both the name of the setting that the Nova Genesis superhero stories takes place, as well as the term used to refer to the events of 1947 that set into motion by the Supernova 1947A. Nova Genesis World (NGW) is a science fiction world/setting, thus there are no supernatural entities, magic (except for Galactitech and the application of Clarke's third law), or other fantasy elements. (e)

Nova League

The Nova League, sometimes referred to as the League, is the largest and most prominent superhero group on Earth. It operates predominantly in North America and its main headquarters are in Galacticity. (e)

Nova League Tower

The main headquarters of the Nova League. It is located in Galacticity on Nova Genesis Plaza not far from the UN building. (e)


A weapon based on the Japanese rice flail. Two short pieces of wood or metal attached together by a short length of rope or chain. More of a danger to the wielder than the target for the untrained. (e)




PICSEA ("pixie") is an acronym for Powers Investigation, Control, and Security Enforcement Agency. (e)


The PICSEA version of super identification. PICSID is an acronym for Powers Investigation, Control, and Security Identifier. (e)


A derogatory, superslang term for a member of PICSEA, or Powers Investigation, Control, and Security Enforcement Agency. (e)


A fire-pole-like device that is a one man elevator. (e)

Popular Superscience

A magazine about the superscientists, their experiments, and gear. (e)


A super ability. (e)

power armor

Power armor is a full body armored suit that is environmentally sealed with motors that augment the wearer's strength and sometimes speed. A suit of powered armor can be thought of as a one-man man-shaped tank. Contrast with exoskeleton. (e)

Power Registration Act

An early attempt to force all supers to register with the U.S. government in 1972. It was quickly repealed when Doc Styx renounced his U.S. citizenship and became a Galactic Citizen, taking Styx Enterprises and all its subsidiaries, which were critical to the continued functioning of the US military with him. (e)

power tap

A Galactitech device for diverting and/or storing energy generated via a v-tap. (e)


Template:Powered (NGW) (e)

Powered Detention Center

A prison for supers. (e)

Powers Investigation, Control, and Security Enforcement Agency

The Powers Investigation, Control, and Security Enforcement Agency, or PICSEA, is an arm of the U.S. government responsible for the supers, both from a national security perspective as well as a legal. (e)

Powers Oversight Committee

A U.S. Senate committee focused on supers. (e)

primary UPCS classification

The UPCS classification or classifications for a super's main power(s). (e)

Proxima Drive

The street that Michael and Penny live on. It's located in the suburbs east of Galacticity. (e)

Pscreamer (supervillain)

A psionic superhero. (e)


Abbreviation or prefix for psionic. (e)


A device for measuring psionic abilities. (e)


A device for measuring psionic abilities. (e)


A corporation that manufactures psionic related gear. (e)


A corporation that manufactures psionic related gear. (e)


A mental power or ability. A UPCS classification. (e)


An active response to psionic. For example, some psionotropic materials glow in the presence of psionic activity. (e)

purple piss

Superslang for a useless power. (e)



Ragnarok City

Ragnarok City is a science fiction board game involving one player using a single AI controlled supertank, the Ragnarok Machine, versus the second player controlling the defenders of a city. The attacking Ragnarok Machine player may customize the supertank while the opposing player may select the units used to defend the city. (e)

Ragnarok Machine

A customizable AI supertank unit from the science fiction board game Ragnarok City. (e)

retch gas

One of the Dispenser's weapons. (e)

Diana Riggs-Armstrong

Template:Diana Riggs-Armstrong (e)

Hank Riggs-Armstrong

Template:Hank Riggs-Armstrong (e)


Template:Robot (NGW) (e)

Robotic Horde

Short for Doctor M's Robotic Hordes. (e)


Roswell, New Mexico, where the first recorded contact between Earth humans and Galactics occurred shortly after Supernova 1947A. (e)

Roswell Crash

Template:Roswell Crash (NGW) (e)

Rust Never Sleeps

A code name for one of the Dispenser's weapons. (e)



An acronym for Supplemental Strategic Super Powers Initiative. (e)


An acronym for Supers Crime Unit. (e)

Second Generation

Superheroes (or supervillains) born with powers (regardless of whether or not their parents have powers) or were created by the First Generation. (e)


A UPCS classification. Someone who can alter their form and appearance. (e)

Shield, The

The Shield is the system constructed by the Galactics to block the Earth from the effects of Supernova 1947A. (e)

Silhouette and Supersuit Recognition Agent

A computer program capable of matching a silhouette or supersuit to a database in order to identify the super. Similar to face recognition software. (e)

Silver Archer

Silver Archer, sometimes simply referred to as the Archer, is a superhero. She is a member of the Nova League and a former member of the Aegis Team. Primary UPCS classifications: Brick, Martial Artist, Gageteer. (e)

SimOlympus (tm)

A computer game. (e)


An advanced form of mask capable of, among other things, mimicing the facial movements of the wearer. (e)


Acronym for Superhero News Network. (e)

Sociological Impact of Supernova 1947A, The

A non-fiction book by Dr. Jane Myers about the effects of Supernova 1947A and the arrival of the Galactics on society and culture. (e)


An industrial section of Galacticity located along the shore of Lake Michigan. (e)

Spungi (tm)

A spongy material used to make toys. (e)


A terahertz based scanner capable of penetrating many opaque substances. (e)


A spy camera. (e)

Squad, The

Short for the Demolition Squad. (e)

star wisp

Template:Star wisp (NGW) (e)


Template:StarNet (NGW) (e)

sterile neutrino

Template:Sterile neutrino (NGW) (e)

Strong Man (tm)

A line of exoskeletons sold by Cyber City. (e)

Styx, Doc

Doc Styx, sometimes referred to simply as Doc, is a superhero and sole owner of Styx Enterprises. He is a founding member of the Nova League. Primary UPCS classifications: Ubermensch, Gageteer, Tool Master, Genius. (e)

Styx Enterprises

The top level Doc Styx corporation. (e)


Someone with powers. (e)


Short for superidentity. (e)


A superhero is a super (powered or not) who uses there abilities for the greater good, usually by fighting crime in a supersuit. Contrast with supervillain. (e)

Superhero News Network

The Superhero News Network, or SNN, is a cable TV news channel that focuses on the superhero world. (e)

Superhero Vigilante Act

The Supers Vigilante Act, or SVA, is a law passed by the U.S. congress allowing superheroes to legally operate as crime fighters. (e)


A human with superpowers. (e)


A superidentity, or super-ID, is the persona, including supersuit, of a super. Legally recognized to be independent of any secret identity. (e)

Supernova 1947A

The first supernova of 1947, whose wavefront reached Earth on February 3rd, 1947, and the event that branched the Nova Genesis alternate history from ours. 1947A occurred close enough to Earth to destroy all life, but due to the intervention of the Galactics, life on Earth was saved. (e)


A magazine focused on gossip about superheroes and supervillains. (e)


A power or ability not normally enjoyed by a human. In Nova Genesis World there are no known instances of supernatural based superpowers. (e)

Supers Crime Unit

A Supers Crime Unit, or SCU, is an arm of law enforcement equipped and/or enable to operate against supers. Similar to SWAT. (e)

Supers Registry

A list of supers and their known powers. Maintained by the Nova League. (e)

Supers Vigilante Act

The Supers Vigilante Act, or SVA, is a law passed by the U.S. congress allowing superheroes to legally operate as crime fighters. (e)


A scientist whose scientific abilities, at least in part, derive from their superpower. (e)


Template:Supersense (NGW) (e)


Slang used by or about supers. (e)


The supersuit is the "costume" that superheroes and supervillains wear to underscore their "super" role. Also known as superwear. (e)


A supervillain is someone who uses their superpowers to commits crimes. Contrast with superhero. (e)


Another term for supersuit. (e)

Supplemental Strategic Super Powers Initiative

The Supplemental Strategic Super Powers Initiative, or S3PI, is an initiative to recruit and use supers for the strategic defense of the U.S. and NATO. (e)


A weapon consisting of two weights separated by a length of rope or chain. (e)


An acronym for Supers Vigilante Act. (e)


A synthetic skin, commonly used in medical applications. (e)


Tantalus Microdevices

One of Doc Styx's corporations. (e)


telekinesis, or TK, is the ability to move things with your mind. A psionic power. (e)


Someone who has the power telekinesis. A psionic power. (e)


Someone who has the power telepathy. (e)


The ability to read minds. A psionic power. (e)


A drug that blocks telepathic powers. (e)


The ability to shift from one location to another without moving through the intervening space. A psionic power. (e)

Things in the Saucer Tomb, The

A board game involving the exploration of a downed flying saucer in the Antarctic inhabited by a crew of mutated monsters with powers and vulnerabilities that vary from game to game. (e)

Titan, The

Usually short for Titanium Titan. (e)

Titanium Titan (superhero)

A superhero. He is a member of the Nova League. Primary UPCS classifications: Power Armor, Tool Master, Genius. (e)


TK is an abbreviation for telekinesis or telekinetic. (e)

Tool Master

A UPCS classification. (e)

Tough Guy (tm)

The brand name of a type of armor sold by Cyber City. (e)


Genetics that span species or are artificial in origin. (e)


A scientific journal specializing in transgenetics. Dr. Erin Kinnison, Kim Kinnison's mother, has been published in Transgenetica. (e)

transit pod

A small, automated vehicle running on rails. Part of the mass transit system in Galacticity. (e)

Tsunami (superhero)

A superhero. He is a former member of the Aegis Team. Retired. (e)

Turbocharger (superhero)

A hypernaut superhero. Deceased. (e)




A v-tap or vacuum-tap is Galactitech that makes the universal vacuum energy available for use. A powerful energy source used by nanoborgs and most other macro-scale Galactitech devices that require power. (e)

Vermillion (superhero)

A superhero. She is an Astral Agent. (e)


A vocoder is an electronic voice transformation system. Often incorporated into smartmasks to disguise the superidentity's voice. (e)



A drug that "wakes you up" developed by the Dispenser. (e)

White Whirlwind

A retired superhero. He founded a very successful cleaning supplies company after retirement. (e)


A Witness is a member of a group, some would argue a religious group, that considers the Galactics saviors of the human race and Earth, and should be treated with the utmost respect. (e)

Wolverine Dispatch and Security Services

A security and transport company operating in Galacticity. (e)

Wreckingbar (supervillain)

A cyborg supervillain. He is a member of the Demolition Squad. (e)



X-K is short for exoskeleton. (e)



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