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In The Red Rook, Penny confronts her doubts about becoming a superhero as events around the disappearance of one her school mates unfolds.
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Chris Roberson

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Roberson has written several novels and short stories, and self-published (with the Clockwork Storybook team) some of them himself. (His works as publisher can be found here and here.)

  • Clockwork Storybook Offline, Volume I: Mythology by Roberson, with Finn, Sturges & Willingham
  • Clockwork Storybook Offline, Volume II: The Goblin Market by Roberson, with Finn, Sturges & Willingham
  • Voices of Thunder (Clockwork Storybook (Feb, 2001))
  • The Clockwork Reader Volume 1 by Clockwork Storybook (Clockwork Storybook (Nov, 2001))
  • Set the Seas on Fire (Clockwork Storybook(Dec, 2001))
    • Set the Seas on Fire - greatly exanded and reprinted (Solaris, 2007)
  • Cybermancy Incorporated (Clockwork Storybook (Dec, 2001)) (with a cover by Michael Lark)
  • Any Time at All: The Lives and Time of Roxanne Bonaventure (Clockwork Storybook (Sep 2002)) (with a cover by John Picacio)
    • Here, There & Everywhere - greatly expanded reprint of Any Time At All (Pyr (Apr 2005)) (with a similar cover by John Picacio)
  • "O One" in Live Without a Net(Right.) by Lou Anders (ed.) (Roc (2003))
  • "So Far From Us in All Ways" in The Many Faces of Van Helsing by Jeanne Cavelos (ed.) (Ace (Apr 2004))
  • Shark Boy and Lava Girl Adventures: Book 1 (in collaboration with Robert Rodriguez) (Troublemaker Publishing (May 2005))
  • Shark Boy and Lava Girl Adventures: Book 2 (in collaboration with Robert Rodriguez) (Troublemaker Publishing (May 2005))
  • Adventure Vol. 1 (ed.) (MonkeyBrain Books (Nov 25, 2005))
  • "Contagion" in FutureShocks by Lou Anders (ed.) (Roc (2006))
  • "Eventide" in Forbidden Planets by Peter Crowther (ed.) (DAW Books (2006))
  • Paragaea: A Planetary Romance (Pyr (May 2006))
  • The Voyage of Night Shining White (PS Publishing (2006))
  • X-Men: The Return (Pocket Books (May 2007)) (with a cover by John Picacio)
  • The Dragon’s Nine Sons (forthcoming - Solaris, 2008)
  • End of the Century (forthcoming - Pyr)
  • Iron Jaw and Hummingbird (forthcoming - Viking, 2008)
  • "Death on the Crosstime Express" in Sideways in Crime by Lou Anders (ed.) (forthcoming - Solaris, 2008)

Roberson has also written short stories for such magazines as Asimov’s Science Fiction, Postscripts, Black October, Fantastic Metropolis, RevolutionSF, Twilight Tales, Opi8, Alien Skin, Electric Velocipede, Subterranean and Lone Star Stories.

He is preparing a series aimed at the Young Adult audience, entitled Celestial Empire, with the first collection subtitled Fire Star.

He is editor of the Adventure anthology series, first published by MonkeyBrain in November, 2005.

Roberson is also writing books for Black Library publishing; Dawn of War II, due to come out March 2009, and Sons of Dorn, coming out in 2010.

Bibliography from ISFDB

Fiction Series

   * Bonaventure-Carmody
         o 1 Any Time at All: The Lives and Time of Roxanne Bonaventure (2002)
               + Variant Title: Here, There & Everywhere (expanded) (2005) 
         o 2 Paragaea: A Planetary Romance (2006)
         o 3 Set the Seas on Fire (2001)
               + Variant Title: Set the Seas on Fire (expanded) (2007) 
         o 4 End of the Century (2009) 
   * Celestial Empire
         o O One (2003) [SF]
         o Red Hands, Black Hands (2004) [SF]
         o Gold Mountain (2005) [SF]
         o The Sky Is Large and the Earth Is Small (2007) [SF]
         o Metal Dragon Year (2007) [SF]
         o The Line of Dichotomy (2008) [SF]
         o 1 The Voyage of Night Shining White (2006) [SF]
         o 2 The Dragon's Nine Sons (2008)
         o 3 Iron Jaw and Hummingbird (2008)
         o 4 Three Unbroken (2009) 
   * Shark Boy and Lava Girl Adventures
         o 1 The Day Dreamer (2005) with Robert Rodriguez
         o 2 Return to Planet Drool (2005) with Robert Rodriguez 
   * Star Trek Universe
         o Star Trek: Myriad Universes
               + 2 Star Trek: Myriad Universes: Echoes and Refractions (2008) [O] with Keith R. A. DeCandido and Geoff Trowbridge 
   * Warhammer Universe
         o Warhammer 40,000
               + Dawn of War II (2009)
                     # Variant Title: Dawn Of War II: Extermination (2009) 
   * X-Men Universe
         o X-Men: The Return (2007) 


   * Voices of Thunder (2001)
   * Cybermancy, Incorporated (2001)
   * Brave New World (2008) 

Anthology Series

   * Adventure
         o 1 Adventure (2005) 


   * So Far from Us in All Ways (2004)
   * In the Frozen City (2004)
   * Penumbra (2005)
   * Prowl Unceasing (2005)
   * Annus Mirabilis (2005)
   * Monster Radio (2006)
   * The Jewel of Leystall (2006)
   * Contagion (2006)
   * Companion to Owls (2006)
   * Eventide (2006)
   * The Famous Ape (2006)
   * And Such Small Deer (2007)
   * The End of Now (2007)
   * Death on the Crosstime Express (2008)
   * Merridew of Abominable Memory (2008) 


   * Introduction (Adventure) (2005)
   * 25 (Celebrating 25 Years of Interzone) (2007)
   * Introduction (The City Beyond Play) (2007)

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