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The Red Rook, sequel to Dispensing Justice and the second novel of Nova Genesis World is now available for Kindle or as a paperback at Amazon.

In The Red Rook, Penny confronts her doubts about becoming a superhero as events around the disappearance of one her school mates unfolds.
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Barbara Hambly

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Bibliography from ISFDB

Fiction Series

   Beauty and the Beast (TV)
       1 Beauty and the Beast (1989)
       2 Song of Orpheus (1990) 
       1 The Time of the Dark (1982)
       2 The Walls of Air (1983)
       3 The Armies of Daylight (1983)
       4 Mother of Winter (1996) also appeared as:
           Variant Title: The Mother of Winter (1997) 
       5 Icefalcon's Quest (1998)
       The Darwath Trilogy (1985) [O/1,2,3 (Boxed Set)] 
   James Asher Chronicles
       1 Those Who Hunt the Night (1988) also appeared as:
           Variant Title: Immortal Blood (1988) 
       2 Traveling with the Dead (1995) also appeared as:
           Variant Title: Travelling with the Dead (1995) 
       3 Blood Maidens (2010)
       4 Magistrates of Hell (2012) 
   Magic Time
       1 Magic Time (2001) with Marc Scott Zicree 
   Sisters of the Raven
       1 Sisters of the Raven (2002)
       2 Circle of the Moon (2005) 
   Star Trek Universe
       Star Trek: The Original Series
           Star Trek Pocket Books
               23 Ishmael (1985)
               53 Ghost Walker (1991)
               71 Crossroad (1994) 
   Star Wars Universe
       Star Wars: Callista Trilogy
           Children of the Jedi (1995)
           Planet of Twilight (1997) 
   Sun Cross
       1 The Rainbow Abyss (1991)
       2 The Magicians of Night (1992) also appeared as:
           Variant Title: Magicians of the Night (1992) 
       Sun-Cross (1992) [O/1,2] 
       1 The Ladies of Mandrigyn (1984)
       2 The Witches of Wenshar (1987)
       3 The Dark Hand of Magic (1990)
       The Unschooled Wizard (1987) [O/1,2] 
   The Windrose Chronicles
       1 The Silent Tower (1986)
       2 The Silicon Mage (1988)
       3 Dog Wizard (1993)
       Darkmage (1987) [O/1,2]
       Stranger at the Wedding (1994) also appeared as:
           Variant Title: Sorcerer's Ward (1994) 
       1 Dragonsbane (1986)
       2 Dragonshadow (1999)
       3 Knight of the Demon Queen (2000)
       4 Dragonstar (2002)
       Winterlands (1999) [O/1,2] 


   Bride of the Rat God (1994)
   Renfield: Slave of Dracula (2006) 


   Star Trek: Classic Voyages, No. 2 (Boxed Set) (1989) [O] with Diane Carey and John M. Ford and Peter Morwood 


   Sisters of the Night (1995) with Martin H. Greenberg
   Night's Edge (2004) with Maggie Shayne and Charlaine Harris
   Women of the Night (unpublished) 

Nongenre Series

   Benjamin January
       1 A Free Man of Color (1997)
       2 Fever Season (1998)
       3 Graveyard Dust (1999)
       4 Sold Down the River (2000)
       5 Die Upon a Kiss (2001)
       6 Wet Grave (2002)
       7 Days of the Dead (2003)
       8 Dead Water (2004)
       9 Dead and Buried (2010)
       10 The Shirt On His Back (2011)
       11 Ran Away (2011) 


   The Quirinal Hill Affair (1983) also appeared as:
       Variant Title: Search the Seven Hills (1987) 
   The Emancipator's Wife (2005) 

Short Fiction Series

   War of the Worlds
       Soldier of the Queen (1996) 


   Immortal Blood (excerpt) (1988)
   Changeling (1991)
   The Little Tailor and the Elves (1994)
   The Horsemen and the Morning Star (1994)
   Nightlily: The Lovers' Tale (1995)
   Madeleine (1995)
   Each Damp Thing (1996)
   Taster's Choice: The Tale of Jabba's Chef (1996)
   A Night with the Girls (1998)
   'Til Death (2001)
   The Adventure of the Antiquarian’s Niece (2003)
   Someone Else's Shadow (2004)
   Sunrise on Running Water (2007)
   Repossession (2008)
   The Lost Boy (2008) 


   Lester (1993)
   Introduction (Sisters of the Night) (1995)
   Some Things About George (2002)
   Foreword (Budayeen Nights) (2003)
   Introduction to One (2005)
   Introduction to My First Game as an Immortal (2005)

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